Option for notifications for incoming payments, payment requests and refunds only

Have a Toggle option for notifications so you can adjust what notifications you receive - e.g. just for when you have been paid, refunded or payment requests from other people without getting notified every time you spend.

Disagree with this one personally

I think having notifications on everything keeps you more aware of your finances


For me personally, I agree with @don_quixote


Yeah I like the notifications.

But a way to toggle them would be a good middle ground (a little like Plum does, with different types of notifications being able to be switched off or on)


Disagree. Notifications for everything keeps you more aware of your finances. Emphasis on you. Is it not conceivable that others might not need the same things you do?

You’re disagreeing with providing a choice so people can choose what works for them. OP isn’t saying remove notifications, they’re asking to be given a choice.

I don’t need it. If anything I small part of me probably doesn’t want it.

But a reminder each time I spend helps me spend less.

Also if something goes wrong and I was charged a different amount than expected and I get an instant notification it will be easier to solve there and then. Rather than having to waste my time later and potenetially Monzos time

I agree to optional thing isn’t a bad idea - just not an idea I would priorities over some of the other ones on the forum

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@don_quixote was simply expressing their opinion as said word for word “Disagree with this one personally”. Emphasis on personally.

The OP has posted an idea, there is always going to be opinions for and against.

But yes, in my view it’s a good idea which allows everyone to have the best of both worlds.

Personally, I like having notifications for everything, maybe still riding the novelty factor at this point… But for now, it’s a nice thing to have.

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“Disagree with this one personally”. Emphasis on this one, which is a request to let people customise their notifications, letting people choose to keep notifications for everything if they wish. The only legitimate argument I can see against this is that it eats up Monzo development time, but it won’t affect anybody that wants to keep notifications, whilst affecting those that’d like to customise notifications positively. I find it weird to disagree with providing that choice.

You have a fair amount of options under your app settings on android. credit or debits etc. Have you tweeked these settings?

Everyone has an opinion and opinions differ. It’s fine. Questioning the opinions of others and describing them as weird tends to detract from the discussion in hand.

Personally I’m against a raft of options since that can be confusing in itself. This is one of the major tensions that Monzo have to fight their way though balancing usability with configurability.