Selective Notifications

(Herp Derp) #1

As the title says…

I’d rather not see TfL notifications everyday as I know what my daily spend is so I would rather hide these so any chance we could get the option to chose what we want to see?

Make some notifications optional
(Danny) #2

Oh yes - likewise it gets a bit annoying getting two notifications after I spend using android pay


Android handles notifications quite well and developers are able to built sort of a control system in the app.
Here is an example from an Android app where you can choose what sort of notifications you would like to see;
Monzo could do something like this with options to turn off notifications for Salary, Commute etc…

Make some notifications optional
(Richard Bairwell) #4

Could this issue perhaps be re-examined (especially in light of the double notifications from Apple Pay)?

Allow notifications to be disabled on a per-method (Apple Pay/Google Pay/Contactless etc) and hopefully per merchant basis for ‘secure payments’ (i.e. the local Tesco I always go to as long as payment is via *Pay/Contactless or Chip’n’Pin: if magstripe is used or if it is at another Tesco branch, I want to know!) and for regular payments (I don’t need an alert when Patreon drains my account once a month for example).


I agree Danny! :+1: I’d love to have some additional customisation options for notifications.

In my mind, one option would be to have a global setting (on/off) for smart filtering of payments that occur most frequently. e.g. the app begins to learn which payments you make as part of a daily schedule, and mutes them for you.

A second option, which I think I’d prefer would be to have a toggle on each vendor.

I’m not sure how I feel about double notifications when using Apple Pay yet… I might turn off the Wallet app notifications, though this might mean I miss out when using apple pay in other areas :thinking:

(Adam Kendrew) #6

I think this would be a really cool idea.


Turning off Transaction History for the Monzo card with Wallet seems to mute the extra Apple Pay notification. No need to mute all wallet notifications.

I love the idea of smarter notifications. But I’ve pretty much come to use the instant notification as a basic receipt. Although paying for a train most mornings and buying lunch from the same place often makes it seem pointless and even irritating.


ohhhh now thats great, cheers redshift I’ll do that now! :face_with_monocle: smart.

Richard, that would sort of solve your gripe too.

Yeah it would be cool. I use them as receipts too, but yes they do get a bit irritating when your buying lunch at the same couple of shops during the week… every week. It would sort of be an extension of what old-school banks currently do with spending habits to prevent fraud etc.