Notification feature suggestion

Hey there
I think it would be a good idea if we could customise payment badges & notifications with a threshold setting.

Then users could choose to not show the notification badge for tiny purchases etc.


You mean something like:

Transaction under £5, no notification toggle on/off?

Not sure this would help in form of fraud etc as some people don’t check their banking app regularly, but not a bad suggestion.

Maybe even the option for a silent notification so you see it, but it doesn’t have sound/vibrate every time.

Halifax app notifications are silent which isn’t bad, but I’m glad I don’t use them as my main.

Not for me.

Quite common for folks to try for a small transaction such as a quid to see if it goes through then go for a much larger amount.

I want to know if something has come out even if it’s penny.

Others may find it if use though.


Not for me either. EVERY transaction needs to be visible - via notification - Fraud prevention n’all


Thanks yeah I get your point on the fraud part but if I’m able to disable notifications entirely then surely granular controls would be a user decision regardless of fraud as well?

None the less not an expert on fraud so will leave it to you :slight_smile:

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I highly suspect the poster is suggesting that those who don’t want it can continue as usual with every transaction.

I never have an objection to a function that wouldn’t have any bearing on my own usage of an app so fire away with this suggestion if it’s wanted!

(I suspect it’s low compared to say… joint account parity :joy:)


Oh I know, I was just saying that for me I wouldn’t want that option either, personally.

Others may though so as you say fire away, if folk want it why not :slight_smile:

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