Best place to sell an iphone?

Don’t have Ebay. Would cex be the best place?

Apple trade in.


Mazuma Mobile


I usually sell my phones MusicMagpie - they’ve always seemed to offer a fair price and the money comes through quickly.

Checked mazuma. I’d get about £20 more at CEX however I’m guessing I’d have to wait around whilst they test it to check it works etc.

Check with mobile networks aswell

Musicmagpie and Samsung Recycle have always given me the best prices when trading in my old phones.

CEX probably the best bet. I’ve traded a few in there, but I thought you said it was faulty? If so, CEX might not actually make much of an offer for it.

Hey thanks for the reply

My iPhone 7 has a faulty NFC so I’ll keep a hold of that for a back up. But my iPhone SE is in perfect working order and that’s the one I’d sell

Ah cool, fair - CEX is probably best.

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Music magpie usually offer a decent price.

Brief heads up. Mazuma mobile (used to at least) guarantee their price providing your phone meets the condition you declare. CEX do not, and on the two occasions I’ve used their online trade in service, they lowered the initial price they offered me upon receiving it, citing some obscure reason.

I had an iPhone 6s reduced all the way down to £40 from a £170 offer because the aluminium cases was “eroding”. Ended up sending it off to Mazuma and got the full quoted £190. Had a similar issue with one of my older MacBook Airs. Online service, after initially offering me about £400 decided it wasn’t worth anything and offered to recycle it for free. Took it my local store and sold it to them just fine for a little over £400.

Apple’s own trade in service is highly rated but I don’t have any experience with it as I now tend to keep older macs in rotation until they die, and my phones either go to Mazuma or a family member or friend.

If you decide to go with CEX, go in store. Lock in a quote with Mazuma first, you’re under no obligation to mail it to them. If your local store won’t beat it, mail it off to Mazuma.


Rather just take it to CEX.

Do they test the NFC on all the phones they sell ?
I’ll only trade in the fully working iPhone SE

Mazuma mobile are easy and pay you a good price

@Venomx I’ve always found that great photography, a clear description and dealing on Gumtree to be the best way.

Don’t negotiate on price until the person attends to view the item. Deal in person and deal in cash.

I’ve always had the most success this way.

Of course, in the current COVID times, this may not be the most appropriate.

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I’m in talks with apple at the moment to see if they can fix my iPhone 7. Make more sense to get it fixed and sell the 7 and keep the SE

My concern is that apple already ran a remote diagnostic test and said the " contactless sensor " is working when it definitely isn’t

@N26throwaway I checked apples trade in site and I don’t think you get cash for it, just discount off another iPhone

I’ve always sold anything I no longer want privately on apps like Gumtree or Shpock. Once you’re past the initial few hagglers then you can find a buyer and get a significant amount more than going to CeX,

I just get concerned some dodgy geezer will show up

Also is it secure to sell a phone you once use? Wouldn’t want anyone getting my passwords or family contact details. Maybe my paranoia but getting second thoughts about giving someone else my old phone

What do you think CEX will do with your phone?

They don’t use them as bait for fish, they sell them again.


Identity theft If it goes in the wrong hands