Mazuma Mobile

If anyone has used Mazuma Mobile to sell their device before, can you let me know please because from reading the reviews on TrustPilot, Mazuma intentionally damage the phone to lower the value so am a bit wary.

I’ve used them loads, never had an issue!
Quick at paying out too.

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I’ve used them before and never had an issue either. :man_shrugging:

If I ever bother selling old phones, I’ll always just use eBay.

You’ll easily get £100 more than sites like Mazuma, with little extra effort.

Just don’t use webuyanyphone


I can recommend Game, they did me a cracking deal on my old iPhone or you could get it on eBay as with cars you’ll tend to get over “wholesale” price. Good thing being if you don’t like the price just walk away the same day with the phone for the sake of a 30 minute wait

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I’ve used Mazuma mobile recently and had to fight tooth and nail to get my funds. They used to be good but I found out they have been bought by someone else.

The other option is CEX - I sold one of my old Macs too them, and they gave a very good price, said it was better quality than I suggested it was … Better than eBay where it’s just full of fake buyers.

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Yes eBay aren’t great and can be messed about by potential buyers.

This came up in another thread recently. I’ve always had great results from them, super fast payment and always at the rate quoted. The only problem I had was an ipad I sent last year, which they claimed had a broken screen so I got them to return it, which they did very promptly (I took it to the apple store to trade it in and they said it was fine and gave me the full value available for it).

Over the years I’ve tried a few different options but always gone back to Mazuma as their prices are usually the highest and their payment is same day.

I had used them loads of times in past no issues. Then used them a few months ago and had to chase for payment two weeks later from emailing the CEO. When I checked they had been bought by another company. Maybe it is my bad luck.

I’ve always found them to be brilliant. So quick at paying out. Envirofone on the other hand I found to be so slow.