CEX drop and go

Hey I have some stuff to trade in at CEX.
As I understand they’re only offering drop and go which is fine as they do bank transfer .

Just want others experiences on it and does it work well ? On the site it says it’s in experimental stages and wouldn’t want anything to go wrong

I sold two iPhone 8s and an iPads 3(yes 3) 2 weeks ago. Did the “sale” online in the morning. Took it in a few hours later(a Saturday). Devices were reviewed (initial review) I signed a bit of paper. Got a receipt. Got an email Sunday saying I was getting what they offered. Money in account Monday(faster payment). Super smooth for me. Recommend.


Was there an option to call a number if you wanted to discuss or was it a take it or leave it type of email?

Did the email explain what happens if you reject the offer? Presumably just go back to the store and pick up your devices at the door?

You agree the offer online before you take it it. My offer had a £5 swing below the offer and it would still go through. Any more than £5 under and they would call and you can accept new offer or collect.


So when I drop my stuff off do I have to wait around for them to test it or can I drop it off then go home and wait for the money to come In ?

From their website:

Hand your goods over and once the member of staff has confirmed the order number, that’s it! You can head off to continue with your day!

If there are any issues with your order, we will be in touch to discuss these with you by telephone (and if that doesn’t work by email), so we can process your order as fast as possible.


Nice one thanks,

Dropped some stuff off yesterday. Was told the cash would be in today or Monday

Has anyone had any more experiences with Drop & Go? I’m in an area with quite high Covid case numbers but want to drop off my old iPad and AirPods now that Santa visited. How does it work? Do I need to enter the store at all? How long do I need to interact with employees?

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Go online. Find which items you want to sell, click " I want to sell this item ".
They should then be in the basket.

Go to check out and click drop and go. Enter all your bank details, they will then give you a code. Take it down to CEX and there should be a staff member stood in the doorway, give them the code and the items. They then bank transfer the money to you within 48 hours.

this was 2 or 3 months ago. However

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Yes, it was the same. It was fairly seamless although they didn’t give a receipt for the items like they do in store

Anyway, all confirmed and should be paid… today, I hope

Yeah lack of receipt is disconcerting.

Will be fine most of the time, but will cause problems when something gets lost during testing which is bound to happen occasionally.

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