Trading in at CEX

I’ve traded a few things in recently however I’m confused about trading in controllers as they arent graded like phones etc in either a, b, or c

Let’s say on the website it says £20 cash. Does that mean you’ll get that regardless of condition or whether it has a box or not ?

I have messaged CEX yesterday but no reply and my nearest store is miles away


Do you think this forum is filled with CEX employees?


Simmy, I think this is one of those questions that only CeX will be able to give you the answer to.

You’ll need to either contact them or visit them to get the right answer.

On one of your previous CeX threads you said this. Have you tried already?


Possibly, but someone on here might have an answer to the question out of experience

Like I said I contacted them and had no reply

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Others are saying the same thing, they dont reply to any messages

No. In my experience they rarely offer you as much as the site says and will come up with all sorts of reasons why they are offering you a lower price.


Ok fair enough.
I did trade something in last week and got the full price for grade B.
However I’m confused with the controllers as they dont grade then

CEX say £24, music magpie say ,£3 which is ridiculous

Are you not worried about people being able to take-over your console if they have one of your old controllers?


They will never give you that value regardless of condition - that would be very foolish.

Otherwise people would take in their bashed up broken ones and still get paid the same as someone who took in a pristine one.

Nobody on here can help with this and I’m not sure what you’re asking from us? Take it to the store so they can see it to give you an accurate valuation. That’s the only logical solution to this.


Thanks for the Info.

I’m asking because most the stuff is “graded” depending on having box and the condition it’s in. However controllers dont


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I’m asking because someone else on here may have traded in something which isn’t graded

Aye, but that would be an anecdote.

If person A says they took one that was in very bad condition and got the full price, that wouldn’t mean that the same thing would happen to you. And if person B took a pristine one in and had the price knocked down, that doesn’t mean the same thing would happen to you, either.


Fair enough dude thanks :kissing_closed_eyes:

And if they feel like not paying out or paying less they’ll come up with excuses.

I once took a camera in and they said it doesn’t read SD cards. I put my SD back in, took some photos, showed it to them and they just went “it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t read SD cards so we can’t take it🤷‍♀️“

So even if you hear back from CeX, you just have to go in and try your luck


Got a reply from an ex employee at cex on reddit

As long as all the buttons work and it includes all relevant kit (battery packs, etc) then you’ll get the full listed value as it is online. Controllers weren’t graded when I worked there, we just tested them and those that didn’t work or had sticky buttons would be declined.

Have you tried calling? They will test the device to see if it works and I am assuming they would judge by grade. I can’t see it fair to pay £20 for a scratch controller and £20 for a non scratched controller?

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That’s what I’m thinking.

But yeah I called up and all you get is an automated message saying to contact them online which I have done yesterday via email and Twitter with no response

Do you tend to get better answers on here or from Reddit? I see you use both a lot for the same questions.

Moderators on there seem to be tougher on you!

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Both are helpful to be honest. I like to get lots of people opinions before making decisions

Mods seem fair on reddit depending on which section I post in, obviously silly things that I could google or get answers elsewhere I usually get a reprimand

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