Bank transfers in full current account

Using bank transfers in the full current account has highlighted some gaps to me:

  1. There is no confirmation screen to check the recipient details and reference are correct. I would expect to be able to review before committing the transaction.

  2. When entering the sort code and account number it would be good if (a) the bank and branch for the sort code was displayed and (b) a modulus check was performed to check the account number exists. Whilst this doesn’t guarantee the customer hasn’t made an error it does mitigate the risk.

  3. It should be possible to set up a new payee without making a payment.

  4. It would be useful to be able to list all the payments to each recipient with a running total (as with card transactions).


On your point 4, the android app already does this.

On iOS with TouchID enabled, I do see the details etc when I’m prompted for confirmation (addressing point 1).

I know nothing of the Android implementation but the iOS stuff may be an indication of where this incomplete functionality is headinbg.

Yup, this is the case on Android as well, except you’re prompted for your card PIN instead.

It maybe something to do with Face ID. Just tried it again and it authenticates with Face ID and completes with no opportunity to review the transaction details.

Hmm. Maybe - my iPhone 6 doesn’t have FaceID (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) so I’ve clearly never seen the dialog flow. That would be annoying if that’s the way it goes though.

(With TouchID you get the standard dialog box up saying something like "Unlock to approve payment to XXXX reference XXXX for £X.XX)

On investigating how to make faster payments (etc) from my new current account, I was very disturbed to see that the android app insists on being given access to my contacts list. These facilities should be entirely separate. I may well want to have DDs, SOs, make Faster Payments etc, without wanting to make monzo-to-monzo payments to contacts.

To be clear, for me, giving Monzo access to my contacts lists is releasing private data about other people without their permission, and I really do not not wish to do that.

So please, change the payments tab and associated programs to allow people to run their current account like any other, without access to contacts. Then give them the choice to release the contact data or not, as they wish.



The next version of the Android and iOS apps will allow you to make bank transfers without having opted in to Monzo to Monzo payments or use of your contact list. This work is done and is currently being tested.


I think coding solutions to problems that haven’t been expressed yet is a little too keen, even for Monzo…

Not necessarily :slight_smile: I’ve put out software with known shortcomings before in order to get core functionality in place, and followed it up with an improved version afterwards. Not everyone reports issues, but it’s always best to deliver the best experience you’re able to produce IMO.

In this case, I don’t share @christ’s view on this but it did give me a very small “oh” moment when I had to opt in. I don’t really mind doing it but I’m fairly certain in my case it’s not something I’ll need.

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In my world, by the time something reaches the end user the code is set in stone for (minimum) a couple of years and maybe forever so my viw of these things is suitably warped. :slight_smile:

That bug does already exist. If you’ve got Payments with friends off (the thing that triggers the request for contacts), the payments screen does not work at all. No FPS to banks accounts, nothing.

Fixing the bug fixes the original gripe; leave Payments with friends off, and the payments screen will not request contacts, but will allow bank transfers.

Well I wasn’t sure if it was a ‘bug’ or a ‘feature’, possibly designed to scrape lots of data. I’m glad to hear that changes are already afoot.

When the change is release, will I be able to turn off the access to my contacts?

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FYI - You can disable access to your contacts at anytime on an Android device.

GO to device settings and search for App permissions find Monzo in Contacts and disable
Found this video, It’s for Samasung but same applies to most Andriod phones.

Yes, thanks, I knew that. The initial problem was that I couldn’t make any payments at all unless I allowed access to my contacts. Monzo promptly used this information, highlighting one contact who uses Monzo. Monzo therefore have, at least in principle, a whole raft of names, email and physical addresses of my contacts, which they might use in some way. I hope they don’t.

Whilst I have since disabled such access, I don’t know if it will still let me make payments. I’ll find out in due course.

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Actually the contacts feature uses a hash of the phone number and only sends a partial hash to begin with followed by a full hash if the partial one matched. Full phone numbers are never sent, and full hashes are only sent if the partial hash matched.

Edit: Here’s a link with the details: Monzo with Friends: New Monzo iOS Update Out Now


Thanks - I am very glad indeed to read that.

I feel I have some responsibility for the data I hold on my mobile about other people, and put some effort into trying to limit access to it.

Yes, agreed.

When the P2P payments feature was first released, I was glad to read that Monzo had designed the system with privacy in mind from the outset. Bodes well for the future: great, convenient features without sacrificing privacy.

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If it’s highlighting the fact that a contact uses Monzo then Monzo would already have their name, email, physical address etc given that they needed that information to open up an account.

Note: I don’t share the same concern with seeing my contacts in the app BUT I do understand why you and many others would prefer not to and I’m for them giving us the option to not have access to contacts without blocking use of the payments tab.

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