Making payments out of Monzo

When selecting which account to transfer money to (outside of Monzo), it’s not straightforward to see exactly which account it’s going to - i.e. if you have a couple of your own different accounts in your payees list, or multiple accounts for, say, your wife, when you’re at the screen where you tell the app how much you want to transfer, you can’t see the account details/bank to be sure it’s going into the right account. When you look down the payees list and select an account (just to view details, not pay) you see the bank logo/account details, it’d be great if perhaps the logo could appear on the payment screen.

Are you using iOS or Android?

I haven’t had to do this since the new app redesign, but it was a problem for me (on iOS) a few months ago before we bought our house as we had many savings accounts in my name and I agree, it was difficult to tell them apart at a glance.

iOS for me

Ah, OK. On Android there is the ‘Merge Payees’ toggle in Labs which allows you to group multiple payees under a single contact. Then when you select that contact in ‘Transfers/Pay’, a list of the valid accounts (with bank icons) is displayed, which makes it a lot easier.

And if your contact doesn’t have a list displayed when you select them, then there’s only one valid account logged against them, so you can’t go wrong! (assuming you keep your contact details & bank accounts up to date!)

I don’t think this has made it to iOS yet :frowning_face:

no, android only

Judging by their comments on the thread that revealed this feature, it doesn’t look it’s in their plans to bring it to iOS :frowning: Which is a shame.

You can still do this manually on iOS, if you add the payee details instead of letting them be autocreated.