Making Payments

Sorry if this is a really dumb question but I’ve converted to the current account and I can’t see how to use the app to make a bank transfer.

If I click the menu symbol, I get settings etc. and along the bottom I see buttons labelled Home, Spending, Card and Contacts. But nothing that says transfers, or bill payments.

On the iOS version, the third tab from the left is marked payments. And that’s where the transfers are as well as your contacts. Might be different if you are on Android though.

Edit: Send via bank transfer it’s the button to push.

I’m on Android here and no tab marked “payments”. :confused:

In on Android. Bottom right should be as tab called Payments. Then on new screen should be Bank Transfer at the top

Nope, I don’t have that.

Are you using the blue or the white app?

I didn’t know there were different versions. The screens are white with a dark navy header bar.

I just went to Google Play and there was only one version of the Monzo App. However there there was an option to manually update it, which I did - and now the payments tab has miraculously appeared :grinning:

Now when I’m bored I can send money back and forth between my old bank and Monzo - it’s more satisfying than Candy Crush :relaxed:


The white Monzo app was for people testing the current account, but now the white app is redundant as everyone who has a current account will be using the default blue app now.

Glad to hear you got sorted though.

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