Transfer funds to other account

I just had reason to transfer some money from my Monzo account to an old traditional account.

The app work fine. The money transferred without any issue.

However it occurred to me that the opportunity for me to mess up and transfer the money to some random stranger was very high.

Currently on the final screen, where you commit the transfer, you are unable to view the receiving account details to check everything is enter d correctly.

I really stressed that I had entered the wrong information.

Please can you add a third step to the process. A review step where I can check the receiving account details and reference number before clicking the final commit button.


If you have Touch ID activated it brings a prompt up there.

Yes. I used Touch ID but it’s not possible to review or change the transfer once you authenticate.

That doesn’t help with Face ID. It’ll just authenticate & send anyway. :upside_down_face:

Yeah that’s one thing i’ve noticed with the Face ID - it won’t bring up that authenticate screen that Touch ID has meaning that you’ll literally send off the money in an instant. Would be nice to have a “check account details” screen before completing/authenticating the transfer.

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I usually send a small amount as a test, and when it is received, send the rest. It’s not ideal, but sresss is a bad thing.