Joint accounts feedback - Transfer between accounts

On Android, at the moment when you’re transferring money between accounts (eg. personal to joint or vice-versa), the following happens:

  1. You change the amount
  2. You confirm the transaction
  3. You enter pin
  4. You’re taken back to the transfer UI without any confirmation. The UI looks as if you have not yet made the transfer

Please, please add some sort of confirmation that the money has been transferred, a small text bubble at the bottom plus a short vibration will do. And please don’t return the user to the transfer screen once it’s been completed, instead go to the home screen.

If I can have another piece of feedback here, please don’t pre-fill the amount with £50 as default. Have the user enter any amount.



I agree 100% with this, the missus nearly transferred an extra £50 after making a transfer as it wasn’t too clear it was complete.

If your phone is on silent you don’t get the chime notification, so aren’t aware any money has even moved until you swipe down to check your notifications.

Agree also, almost double transferred a few times.

I actually question whether I’ve clicked the transfer button or not, because theres no feedback that it’s being processed (like a loading spinner/disabling transfer button etc).

Notice this on high latency wifi too - because of lack of ui feedback whilst the request is being sent, it’s easy to think the Monzo app isn’t doing anything. Only feedback to encourage me to wait is from iOS itself with the system status bar.

I too fell for this last week.

I also find the ‘perspective’ clunky. If I’m in the Joint account it certainly feels like it should be Add/Withdraw from/to the sole account.

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Can this issue get any acknowledgment from the Monzo team please?

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