Fraud victim

I have recently been a victim of scam and fraud and I have tried the Monzo in app chat and I didn’t get any response

When did you send the message?

Was it fraud by card or bank transfer?

You can call them on 0800 802 1281

Fraud by bank transfer

Ok, in that case there is no need to freeze your card and you can continue to use your account

Support are a bit swamped today but they will get back to you asap

I just don’t want this little delay to result in me not getting my funds back because that’d be really unprofessional of them because I contacted them immediately I realised it was a fraudulent transaction

How long ago did you contact them?

They will need to investigate. It’s basically impossible to get the money ‘back’ once it has been transfered, which is why they have the warning when you transfer to a new payee

They may be able to reimburse you though depending on the circumstances

I contacted them at 7:55pm and sent the in app chat around that time as well. Yes I understand that but the delay in responding back to me might pose as a challenge. It was a completely innocent transaction and I have the account number and sort code of the fraudster if needed. I have also contacted the fraudsters bank who have said they would call me during their opening hours

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Recovering Faster payments is a long process and isn’t guaranteed, as the fraudster could have transferred the money abroad etc.

Monzo’s fraud team will definitely be in contact with you, these specialists generally work only during business hours, and contacting the recieving bank was a very good idea.


Hi I have been scammed yesterday from an account from Monzo. I have tried to contact Monzo and I have informed my bank the action fraud team and the police is there a number I can contact now

Sounds like you’ve done everything that you need to.

I’m sure Monzo will get back in touch once they’ve finished investigating :slight_smile: If you want to call them the number is on the back on your card. It’s 0800 802 1281

Thanks I have never heard of Monzo what sort of bank is it?

Ohh sorry I misread, I thought you were a Monzo customer.

Monzo are a normal fully licenced bank. No real difference from your typical high street ones.

You can call Monzo on the number I gave you above or email :slight_smile:

I have done both, no answer and no reply via email. I am concerned if I don’t get in touch then my money will be lost

I’m not sure what else to suggest. Those are your two methods of getting in touch with Monzo.

They should now have your email and your own bank will be getting in touch with them too, so I’m sure one of you will hear back soon. Hope you get it resolved soon :crossed_fingers:

More general info here:

Can I ask what happened?

It might help other people avoid this kind of scam

Hi I was looking for a Nintendo switch for my children for Christmas. Someone was selling one on Facebook Market and had been a member since 2015, spoke via messenger asked about item, delivery, cost and agreed price money was sent via bank transfer and
I was then blocked and item removed. Within two hours I contacted my bank, action fraud and police. My brother is search Facebook for the person and I sent him details and he said the bank was Monzo so I have tried to call, email and had nothing back. This
seemed like a genuine advert and had pictures on the account of kids and had other items for sale. Just can’t believe I have been scammed now £250 down.

Thanks Jo

That’s terrible :cry:

There’s a special place in hell for scum like that

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