Bad sisters - doesn't have a real bank account

Watching the series bad sisters.
One episode the lady says
‘she doesn’t have a real bank account she shops with a monzo!’

I find that a bit out of order!
Monzo is a bank and much better than the traditional high street banks.

Snobby script writers I’m sure


Probably a lot of people think the same. The way Monzo grew organically as a pre–paid card.


Do you remember which episode that was in? Missed it the first time round?

I want to say this was Eve talking to Becca? Seems consistent with her character though.


In the grand scheme of things… It’s minor

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I’d actually argue that the comment is accurate.

Monzo is a UK bank.
Bad Sisters is set in Dublin.

In the eyes of an Irish person an account you can’t open locally or use day to day in your local currency can definitely be seen as ’not a real bank’

I can’t remember which character this was said about, but I imagine the underlying meaning was ‘he’s not even from here’.

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