When in Ireland and other European Countries ? πŸ˜†

Monzo is just the best Bank ever. I used since 2016 and now that I moved out of UK I miss it a lot! There is no app so user friendly, intuitive and fun like Monzo !
Come on guys ! Open branches around Europe, I am sure so many people will join !!!
Thanks for all :raised_hands:t2:

Branches ? I don’t even think monzo has a single branch in the uk unless you’re referring to a tree.

I’ve used my card 3 times in Ireland one at pride and pinion and the other at a deli and also at a online store shipped to England.


Ahhaahaha :laughing: my bad yeah ! I mean …open officially in other countries so we can get our salary, use freely, like Revolut but 163826289 times better !!!

I live in Ireland now, I keep using it but being unable to receive my salary here is sad !


Monzo don’t have a EU banking license

Revolut despite being a UK company doesnt have UK one but has a EU one. (They operate as a E money in the UK)

The only application monzo is going through in terms of overseas banking licenses is the USA.

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