Monzo in the media


Monzo, Revolut and another bank have been totally blocked from contactless transactions although it’s not clear if it’s all contactless or just via apple and Google pay, ( I assume people are removing and adding the card to get a new virtual card number)

Can’t be MasterCard compliant but moving to a cash only system for some transactions interesting considering chip and pin still exists.

Transit companies can get access to the real card numbers even with Google and apple pay so how about they do that and block those offending cards if that’s possible to do in real time though.

Wait until they hear the bin on virtual cards.


Ha. That BIN check resolves to the USA. Have they just banned the pre–paid Monzo cards issued in the States?


Virtual card. 10p in a linked pot. Tap and go.

Then they can never settle it?


I would have assumed unarranged overdraft?

They should present it correctly and then the users account should get blocked by monzo if they don’t pay up?

I doubt it, and hopefully monzo can have a word with this bus company on the MasterCard rules.


I posted this in another thread, does this count as Monzo in the media?

Speaking of Monzo, was watching the Apple TV+ Series “Bad Sisters” and one of them said…

“Becca doesn’t even have a bank account, she does her shopping with her Monzo.”

Can’t believe that didn’t get fact checked.


I fear this perception is gonna be Monzo’s biggest barrier. I’ll be looking for the forthcoming redesign to help fix this.


Most people didn’t know Monzo existed when it was just a spending card.

6 million+ customers later, it isn’t the issue people on here seem to think it is.

Most people don’t switch banks, that’s the issue. Not that that 5 years ago you couldn’t have a direct debit.


Coincidence maybe but I do get less customers saying how do I top up, vs how can I add funds to my account.

Not sure that would ever really fade though. And can’t imagine it’s solely a monzo thing, just banking in general if not bank literate.

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You have some evidence that a TV programme has got it wrong. What’s your evidence for this assertion?

I’m not trying to argue for the sake of it, but it’s best to either be evidence based or clear that it’s just an opinion like any other.


It’s a comedy. Every word they speak doesn’t have to be fact.


Don’t think it’s a matter of fact checking. It’s a perception issue and it’s been played true to life, for presumably a gag (haven’t seen the show yet).

Almost everyone I’ve come across who doesn’t use Monzo currently but knows about them still think they’re this. And of those few who do know they’re a licensed bank still don’t think of them that way, or not like a proper bank.


If this were IMDb I’d file that under “Errors made by character (possibly intentional)”.

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For reference the woman they are talking about I guess is supposed to appear like she hasn’t got her life together in a mature way.


My guess would be that the point is the fact this is comedy is because of the perception.

If you replace it with any major bank it isn’t funny. It’s only funny because enough people see Monzo as a spending card or for those who can’t get a “real” bank account.


Similarly, not sure if it was mentioned at the time, but in Ladhood either Series 1 or 2 there was a line ‘I will Monzo you the money’, to which the reply was ‘I don’t have Monzo’ followed by the first character saying ‘neither do I’.


I think it depends, right? Don’t forget, there are folks who expressed that the time it took us to go from pre-paid to fully licensed bank may have been a mistake, and that it doesn’t seem to have harmed Revolut. Or in the US, Cash App which is eating up market share in spades as an e-money institution.

It’s a barrier if the only strategy remains getting more people to use Monzo as a primary account. But at this stage in the game, I think Monzo probably has the breathing room and resource to be running concurrent strategies that aren’t competing with each other.

Ultimately, the market dictates how the product gets used, not the company. And I think there’s room for Monzo to be both a primary account for some people, as well as a useful, profitable service for others even if it’s not their primary account.


Not really media, but this morning I got an email to say Novus, the “UK’s first B-Corp certified neobank” is closing to customers. In their email, they recommend customers move to Monzo, which was great to see


An endorsement from a certified b-corp isn’t bad at all!