When will Business Account Go Live?

Hi I’ve been registered since the initial announcement that Monzo were joining the business banking world.

The lack of information and general idea of when business banking will open to more people is a bit disconcerting. Monzo used to be very open on the road map, now it’s very much all about avoiding the UK customer base.

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Will they have non-profit business accounts?

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When will Business Account Go Live?


Business accounts are slowly rolling out, new businesses are being added all the time. There is hopefully an update coming soon

There is a business account road map and they’re working through that. Not sure what you mean by that, the US team isn’t involved with the business accounts team

They massively slowed down the roll out while they build the product properly, I assume to avoid the disaster that was the Plus launch. I got an invite a couple of months ago and have used the account a bit and its fine as it is, but I guess they want to be sure it’s fully ready before they feel comfortable inviting thousands of people to start paying £5 a month.

Exactly, things like international payments is a must, to pay £5 for a business bank account and not have features like that isnt great.

I believe @Js38wju3jda had meant to write “Will” and not “Well”. Correct me if I’m wrong!


@Rat_au_van a non-profit business account is a type of business account for non-profits like churches.

This was a genuine question and was relevant to the discussion.

My church has a really archaic non-profit account with non web access and all payments can only be made by check with two signatures.

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I’m aware what it is, I just didn’t understand how you worded your query

I think they’ve said it’s something they might consider after they’ve rolled out more ‘normal’ accounts

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