Automatically move a payment from a person to a pot?

I hope this is in the right section

I have a bills pot as many do

All bills like mortgage etc come out of it… I have used IFTTT to automatidaly take from Bills Pot payments that can’t go from a bills pot currently such as Netflix as a ‘merchant applet’ to move £11.99 from bills pot to the main account when netflix has gone out

My question here is:

Is it possible to automatically move a specified payment that lands in my main account INTO the bills pot if it is from a person

In my example, my partner contributes ££ towards all bills monthly and the payment arrives on same day every month however I have to remember to transfer that amount into the bills pot to stop me thinking its my balance (I forgot one month and then wondered why my bills pot balance was lower than it should have been)

How can I achieve the above?

I don’t want to set up a standing order / scheduled payment into my bills pot because sometimes the payment that arrives in does not arrive on exactly the same day which will mean I might often go overdrawn if my scheduled payment goes out before the inward payment has arrived

I want something if its possible via applet etc that recognises that the specific amount and/or person has sent money and moves just that payment into the bills pot

Sorry for the lengthy explanation but I hope its clear what I’m getting at



Makes perfect sense but I don’t think it’s possible yet. :frowning:

We have a joint account for this exact reason though, I pay in monthly, my partner pays in weekly - in essence it IS our Bill Pot.

I want to avoid a different account because all my personal bills go out as well from bills pot and so show up in summary etc… the money paid by partner is a ‘contribution towards’ some of the joint things like Netflix, electric, gas and so on…

I know there is a Bill Sorter which works for over £100 paid in by BACS but I have not seen it for the money paid in by partner because I assume it won’t show as the money is a transfer from another Monzo account…

Even if it did work, I’d still have to remember to press it every month, which is why I’ve had this issue now already which prompted the question… I need something automated

I may well have to use Scheduled Payment and just grin and bear it if the timing of the payments don’t match

Thanks though

If anybody has any other suggestions it would be much appreciated

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Yeah can’t think of any other way to do it within the current functionality.

Apparently moving money when someone pays you is easy using the API.

If this isn’t your thing then these guys are creating something special. It’s worth keeping an eye on and making your suggestion to them :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I wouldn’t know where to start

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