Direct debits/payments go from certain pots you create

It would be great to be able to designate a certain pot that a certain company/payment comes from.

For example I have a Citymapper pass instead of oyster. The direct debit goes out weekly every Friday. It would be good to be able to add all of my money for travel into a travel pot and the payments go straight from there. That way I can see more clearly what money I have left and don’t have to worry about transferring the money back and fourth

You can already do this

Create the pot and then go to the schedule tab to select the pot it comes from

This will only work for direct debits and standing orders tho, not card payments

For when the payment is not a DD or standing order you can use IFTTT to move money to or from a pot by the creditor name.

Monzo implementing this using Bills Pots can be voted for here:


The problem with IFTTT is that it doesn’t work with Joint Accounts.

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