End of Month Pot / Bills Pot

Hi I have been using Monzo since 2016 and love all the new features since. There’s just 2 things I think will be GREAT.

A Pot were you can schedule all the funds in your account to be moved automatically. This is something you would do the day before your pay, so you have a Pot with extra money at the end of every month.

The other Pot is for Bills.
I’d like to put all my money required for my monthly direct debits/standing orders in a separate pot and then they get paid through that. This was my main account only has funds that I can spend stopping me accidentally over spending and not haveing enough for by bills

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I’ve moved my entire account to Monzo in the hope that sometime soon we’ll have a ‘bills pot’ feature.

Previously, I kept all my DD’s/SO’s coming out of my HSBC account and used Monzo for disposable income, now that everything is on Monzo, it’s not quite as enjoyable having the constant concern about whether I’m safe to spend or not, especially since I have irregular income from multiple streams.

A bills pot that I can stash my bills money and it is debited automatically from there would put Monzo another step ahead of regular banks and be a huge selling point for most of my friends.

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Rules for pots is medium term (6 -12 months). So you’ve still some time to wait, I’m afraid. That’s assuming that rules for pots will do what you want. :man_shrugging:

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Can’t you do something with IFTTT to make monies go from pots into your account?

You can use merchant names when you make a card payment but not direct debits as far as I’m aware. The way round it would be to do it on a date basis. For example if your insurance comes out of the 1st of every month move the amount from a pot on the 31st to your main account so it is ready to be taken the next day.

I believe you can set card payments to come out of categories. I for one have all of my travel bills come out of a pot called transport, it’s worked perfectly. I’m going to experiment with one called bills and see how it turns out.