We're automating your finances!

Hey everybody! :wave:

@hugoamvieira, @AAllport and I are working on a new project with the objective of simplifying (and completely automating, in some cases) common things people do with their money. Whether that’s tracking in YNAB, better ways to save money, or simplifying Delay Repay for trains.

Some people may have seen the original thread but that got a little sidetracked with everybody wanting the “Salary Sweep Up” feature - this is just one idea from a whole list that we’d love to share with you!

The idea revolves around a marketplace of custom workflows - these can be triggered automatically based on a number of triggers or manually. We want to encourage people to create their own using our easy-to-use builder, and to share them with friends within the community. We’ll also be publishing a number ourselves which you can use, or even modify to make your own!

People may have also seen the work I’ve done on Unfurler which brings digital receipts into your Monzo app! This is something that has been working for a couple of months for nearly 90 users… but we can do much better.

We want to hear this in the same breath as IFTTT or Zapier, but focussing in on finances and relevant services. This won’t be just for Monzo users either, we’re already looking at other banks too!

Now we already have a big list of ideas - but we’d like to hear any ideas anybody else has! Want monzo.me links to point at a pot? Sure! Want transactions from Greggs to come out of a pot? Why not! Want to save £3 when you don’t buy your daily coffee? Yes, we can! :wink:

We’ve set up a Google form which you can register your interest in, and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready for testers. We’re looking at targeting web first with a simple portal - but mobile apps will be coming quickly after to give you the easiest experience on the go! :iphone:

Looking forward to the discussion! :raised_hands:



But not Greggs

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Merchant will be customisable :wink:


How and why are you not working for Monzo yet? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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Tax pot please :raised_hand:

If payment from X take 20% and put in Tax pot.


If he was, he wouldn’t be working on this, so be thankful!


I tried earlier in the year but wasn’t accepted - perhaps when the time is right I’ll reapply and see where we go!

This is definitely a simple automation that anybody would be able to write!

Was actually something I asked at my interview to see if I’d be allowed to continue :joy:


He lives and breaths this stuff, he can do both :man_superhero: :laughing:

I was of course kidding with both comments. I’d be very surprised if Monzo haven’t reached out to him first, he seems to be very talented.

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Shall we keep talking about him as if he can’t see what we are saying? :eyes:


Yes, let’s!


Tax pot…

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Thought that was something obscene until I took a step back and realised it’s a zoomed Hypnotoad :grimacing:


Is salary sorter by % rather than £ a possible option?

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We’re keeping a close eye on what Monzo is doing in this space - but absolutely! We plan on doing a number of great things with salaries - such as sweep up, sorter, and “Give it all to James” mode (that’s a joke)

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Lies. That mode is totally a thing

Would you use it, if we made it?


… but thinking about it…

Still no


Oh goodness. Where do I start?

Firstly, please don’t hit me with this when I’m not sat down.

Secondly :hot_coral_heart:

Thirdly: I need this in my life.

(More considered reaction later once I’m over the shock).


Loving the reactions :grin: