Scheduled payment from main account to pot

Hi all, had my account for a year now but only just starting to use it to its full potential!

Looking into the scheduled payments, is there a way to move money from my main account into a pot.
I’ve set up a bills pot and would like to pay all my dd’s from there, moving the money in just after payday automatically if possible.
If I click on the scheduled payments tab, the only thing I can do is set up a standing order to a different account.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi @Danstaunton :wave:

Have you taken a look at our Salary Sorter feature?

This lets you divide your incoming salary payment, into different Pots! :grinning:

Hi Daniel & welcome :wave:

Salary sorter will appear for a payment receipt of £100 or more (a salary for example) and you can choose an amount to ‘send’ to an existing pot you have in your account.

This includes moving an amount from the received salary into your designated bills pot.
This isn’t automatic (yet) though - each time you receive the incoming payment, you’ll get the option to allocate funds as-per-last-time or change & sort as required.

Thanks for that, I’ll look into the salary sorter. I haven’t moved over fully yet, just trying to get my head around everything before I do so.

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I’ve set up scheduled movements to pots on payday. it’s very easy I get paid every 4 weeks. I practiced setting mine up by moving a penny on different days to different pots.

You could also set.up an ifttt widget on your phone to move funds in and out of pots, this is how I managed it before. bills for me this is now redundant but it may work for you as an option.

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You need to start at your Pot.

Go to the Pot you wish to credit;
click on the + Add button;
click on Set Scheduled Payment (bottom of the screen);
set your amount ; payment date ; frequency

click Schedule Deposit