Pots and IFTTT

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I’m new to Monzo so apologies if this has been covered (and probably has 10000 times but I couldn’t find the answer!)

I have downloaded IFTTT which i think is great. I would like to set up some sort of rule that automatically moves money coming in to the account from a particular company into a designated pot. I couldn’t see this option.

I also wanted to ask, if I set up a bill pot and automatically had my money moved into here, then moved back out when the bill is due, would this work correctly in terms of the money being where it needs to be before it is taken out? Or is it better to do this manually/leave in the main account?

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Don’t think you can move money around based on transaction details I’m afraid.

On the bill pot, then yes, it should be fine.
Setup rule 1 on date A to move money to your Bill Pot.
Setup rule 2 on date B to move money back out of your Bill Pot (maybe a day in advance?).

You could even do ‘per bill’ versions of rule 2 if that’s what you are thinking as well.


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If it’s done manually, you won’t be sitting staring at your phone wondering if it will work :+1:

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