Artha by FirstDirect

Has anyone else received an invitation?

Nope. I’d love to see the invite though :smiley:

I will post it here after graying out a few personal details :smile:


Have done the worst job of cropping pictures ever but should give you a quick taste of the invitation email :wink:


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Screen scraping is the method they use.

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Also trying to register with the access code errors with: “No internet connection” even though I definitely have one… I guess they might have not expected anyone trying to register immediately :laughing:

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Someone else I know had the same error but keep trying, apparently you will get there after a few goes..

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Yep you are right, after clicking the button 10 times it finally worked…

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I assume this will be First Direct’s version of the HSBC Beta App? :thinking:

I think the First Direct version looks a lot cleaner from the screenshots vs. HSBC…


Anybody heard anymore about the HSBC Beta App? I remember signing up a while back but not heard anything since.

I’m pretty sure that, that’s this :slight_smile:

Got the same invite. Kept hitting the create account a bit before it went through. It is interesting that it also requires login/password for scrapping FD accounts (one would thing given this is by FD it does things properly for itself).

It is also not clear if this built by them or just using scraping by other 3rd party (didn’t read the terms and conditions). If done by third party then not sure why only few banks are supported vs for example Yolt.

I ll read the terms better to see who I am actually sharing the login/pwd with

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At least no Facebook kit stuff… looking at you Emma :roll_eyes:


It’d be great to see some screenshots of the app too, once you’re set up :pray:

Seems currently under constant server overload. Even after registering I getting a lot of “connection error” trying to log on.

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I think they’re separate - one under HSBC brand then Artha under sub-brand.

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Thanks for the link. We should find out pretty soon, once we see some screenshots of artha…

I haven’t connected this with my actual account (well actually I don’t use my FD account much. Most transaction are with Monzo which obviously not supported yet) but still I have a few screenshots of the features it has. Some quite interesting ideas!

  • I particularly like the “list idea” so can group transactions on a list for example “trek on toubkal”. Kind of a category but for a specific usage
  • A lot of categories (well at least many more than what we have in Monzo :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:)
  • there is also a market place with a lot of offers… but haven’t checked in details



Lists are interesting - haven’t seen that before. Kinda neat especially for holidays as Kabe mentioned. Would love to hear more about people who’d utilise that and for what purpose (e.g. families).

Aside from the buggy experiences people seem to be having … what’re the initial impressions so far? Seeing that they’re the first of the mandated banks to launch something, are they setting standards for the other incumbents?

Curious as it looks inevitably un-groundbreaking, but of course it brings fresh new tools for existing FD customers. Can’t see switching gains off the back off it, but for the big players is it a case of right now ultimately keeping up and focusing on retention, as opposed to acquisition? I ask also because they targeted non-FD customers for the trial from what I remember.

What others do they have in their marketplace? Not sold on these yet as prefer to look myself for individual providers to determine what best suits my needs. Look forward to when these shops expand and offer greater choice.

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Yeah really the only new neat thing is the lists. Everything else quite buggy and not that useful. Unlinked my account straightaway. But it is definitely good to see banks jumping into this and pushing competition

How’re people finding the service then?

I’ve not heard great things but also hearing fixes are being turned around pretty rapidly.

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