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Does anyone here have access to the Bud beta?

It looks like it’s an aggregator in the style of Emma or Yolt, but it has a (very smart looking) desktop interface, too - with the screenshot suggesting it also interfaces with non-banks (PensionBee is the example). The copy also suggests that it can replace your bank’s website - so ability to generate payments etc seems to be in the works (and might be useful with Monzo being app-only).

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(Emma (still not the app)) #2


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(Emma (still not the app)) #4

Sorry, couldn’t resist

Never heard of them but the name puts me off


Until @Danny completed it, I was completely confused!



I enquired a while ago …


No response?


general thanks for signing up email


So on their mockup they explicitly put “HTTP” instead of leaving it out or putting HTTPS… and they want to deal with financial data? :joy:


Good spot. :scream:

They also seem to have been around for a while…

Although they have been shortlisted by the Treasury for a FinTech Challenge…

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It looks interesting - I signed up some time ago but I’m still waiting to be invited. Regarding making payments, I’ll unfortunately have to squash your hopes for now as Monzo’s API doesn’t support this at the moment.

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I have access. They don’t support Monzo.


Lack of Monzo aside, any good?

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I got access last year before the Open Banking began. I didn’t yet load in any bank login data yet, as high street banks only really seemed to come on board with being OK with that concept towards the launch of Open Banking.

I think there’s only around four institutions I can use within Bud. Will play around with it for a couple of days and come back here.

(Alex Sherwood) #15

I have it & the app ended up essentially being a being a proof of concept.

They’re taking a B2B2C approach now, enabling the incumbents to white-label their app & marketplace (which has over 60 providers in it :eyes:) for their own apps e.g.

Bud raises $20mil, commits to building the "largest Open Banking team" 💵

How interesting - thank you @alexs!

I’d heard of Artha (and was feeling underwhelmed) but this makes sense, I suppose, as a business model. Can’t say I’m particularly excited by it though…


I was an alpha tester, but it was so poor I removed it from my phone.

Just put it back to have a look at and it crashed on opening the accounts screen!

The only accounts they support are:
Avios (?)