Has anyone come across Rebank?

Hi everyone!

Just had an initial call with Rebank (www.rebanknow.com). Looks very cool but has anyone had any experience with them?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

No I haven’t , just out of interest do you work for rebank ? , oh and welcome to the community , interesting first post :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome !
Yes it is my first post - I’ve been tasked by my boss to find software to help us improve our in-house operations. So I’ve been lining up calls with different companies but considering Rebank is small, I’m struggling to find feedback on them?

I’ve reached out in a few communities hoping for the best.

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An on-boarding call is what happens when you join a company. So you’ve joined them and your role is to post on forums for banks?

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Hi, On-boarding in this instance was basically a call to figure out how they could help me? So a product on-boarding rather than employee on-boarding, apologies for the misunderstanding. (I’ve edited it to fit what you were saying, thank you for that revels!)

I don’t understand why you’re asking here when they don’t integrate with Monzo.

Seems to me like you’re advertising.

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We bank with monzo among a few others and they do integrate with them? We have a few accounts in the Uk and abroad which is why I messaged here. I googled best forums for business banking and monzo came up, so figured I try. Didn’t realise I’d come under so much scrutiny?

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I looked at their website and based on the logos shown (see bottom of page), there’s every indication they do integrate with Monzo. The API allows access, I’d imagine?

Edit: Ah pipped at the post.

Exactly :slight_smile: From what I gathered it was through open banking.

Ahh I didn’t spot Monzo, all that seems to jump out to me was a lot of R for the Revolut logo.

TBH that website is awful, it tells you very little and definitely doesn’t inspire the trust of something you’d be expected to give all your banking details to.

I guess it’s understandable that you’re being scrutinized so heavily, as your first topic is about another fintech (albeit not a direct competitor). Unfortunately we’ve had people shilling for their business and not revealing their relationship in the past.

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The lack of content/active screen shots is so irritating, I agree.

That’s fair enough - thanks for explaining. Didn’t realise that kind of thing happened. Sorry.


If you’re not linked to Rebank then that’s fine by me, no apologies needed as far as I’m concerned. It’s just something that makes a lot of people wary, alas that’s the reality of things nowadays :man_shrugging:

Hope you get some answers, lots of very knowledgeable folk on here.


Appreciate it Tbutz! I hope so too. Have a lovely week!

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To be perfectly honest, that’s quite consistent with companies that are selling products to other companies rather than individuals. It’s to encourage potential clients to enquire with them directly.

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Is it just that one page with 4 sentences, a lot of scrolling and nothing else or am I missing something? :confused:

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I don’t think this category is only for discussion of fintechs that integrate with Monzo.
It’s for fintech discussion in general as far as I’m aware.

Hope it stays open for general fintech discussion.


From what I got, it’s very early stage, so would explain why their website is like that. The demo I had showed alot more, would be smart of them to integrate some of that on the website I think.

Of course. It was more that OP joined, first thing was to post the link having ‘on-boarded’ at the company.

Seemed like a sales pitch, but I had missed that they do integrate with Monzo anyway.

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