First Direct - fdesign

fdesign is their beta stuff, and they have some nice looking concepts that I thought people here might be interested in.

Concepts only.
Nothing was implemented.
Most important topic there - add photo to profile…

They’ve got a ton of work to go if they want to get to that from where they currently are. I don’t think the app has changed in the year I closed my account. :thinking:

Over five years ago I asked for the ability to name a savings account through the app, as far as I know this is still not possible!

They were miles ahead of the competition, but that was 10yrs ago now. Who wants to phone their bank any more?!?!

The app had a minor visual refresh a while back but they have an awful lot of catching up to do

I was with First Direct till last November, and the app is rubbish, it’s a generic HSBC one which is given the black and white FD branding. my wife is with M&S and the app is exactly the same with a different pallet of colours.

Agree, fd used to be innovative in the past, their last big hurrah was perhaps the rollout of voice biometrics but since they are stagnant.

All fine and well having a great phone service (long wait times aside) but as mentioned, people are calling their bank less.

Glad I moved my banking from fd to here.

I take it you never took advantage of their 5% regular saver then!

Post office cash deposits and that are the sole reason I still have mine.

Moved my banking not closed my account :slight_smile: I still have my fd account for a number of reasons, similar to yours.

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Bank app and online bank are crap but as bank - the best!
They are able to sort all problems fast

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