First Scam Email From A Fintech

Received my first scam / phishing email, prentending to get from a fintech bank today. Wondered if anyone has had any from any other.
Get a lot for the legacy banks but first time I’ve got one for the new challenger banks so it stood out.
(The fact it’s in French was also a flag :woozy_face:)

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Have you flagged this up with N26? :slight_smile:

I couldn’t forward it as it’s blocked by their server (they don’t have a email address set up for phishing emails yet).
Sent them all the info: links email address etc.

Not good. How hard is it to open and monitor a mailbox?

True. I’d like to think they will have one set up soonish now.

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How does this work? I assume N26 use a magic link like Monzo? The email seems to ask you to connect to your N26 account by pressing the link?

They use a password. The email takes you to a login page

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