HSBC's new mobile banking app

(connorianreilly) #44

I only found it because of this thread! It’s better, but it’s no Monzo :wink:


The app store reviews say it isn’t much better and it can’t handle multi currency


Based on the screenshots it unsurprisingly looks a lot like a white version of the First Direct app


Is anyone else on android? I can’t find a new HSBC app in the play store, not sure if I’m just missing it… Don’t use the app much at the moment but would still be good to have a better version

(Andy Little) #48

I can’t either. I’m guessing it’s iPhone only.

(Liam Oxborough) #49

I can’t find it on android either.


Quick Google implies 2018 for general release (doesn’t mention Android vs ios), some familiar ideas in there :thinking: Will just have to keep an eye out…

(Adam Kendrew) #52

Some more info on their ‘joined up’ banking here:


Your banks. Your accounts. Together in one place.

Together in one shitty app.

(Allie) #54

It sounds, at least from the quotes they use, like the name of the app is actually Beta… wow. Enough said.


It’s now available on Android.

Annoyingly, no fingerprint login on Android.


Is this it?


Yeah. That’s the one.


Ah thanks, that was pretty easy to set up compared to the usual torture, which always involves having to ring them, I have to go through if I have to reinstall the app…Yeah annoying that it seems to indicate finger print log in should be there but it’s not. Good we can finally set up a new payee in app though I probably won’t have much use for it anymore seen as I’m using Monzo for pretty much all my banking now :joy:

(Calum James) #59

I would if I weren’t using an app-based bank (as there are no need for branches), but I’d use Apple Maps :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t need that as a feature in the bank’s app.


Oh no, this app is bad. Half the screen for the balance and top navigation bar =| Make viewing anything other than balances a pain. :frowning:

(Jack Donovan) #61

I wonder how many years it will be before you can activate your card by tapping it on your phone.

Pretty sure I won’t be alive to see that :joy:


Is this not just what Yolt has been doing?


I wonder how they’d show the money people have in Monzo’s pots (or the equivalents for other challenger banks)

(Alex Sherwood) #65

Hey Alex, there’s been some discussion about this app here (& also here) so I’ve moved your post to this topic to keep the discussion in one place, I hope that’s ok!