Woo! Just got my invite

Been waiting for this, just going through the verification process. Can’t wait to recieve my debit card and start to use the account. Thanks Monzo!


I also got my invite, card should be waiting for me when I return from holiday

I have been using Monzo and Starling whilst on holiday in Turkey.

At present I am using Starling far more than Monzo, so I am looking forward to testing the bank account.

My last point is I am not a fan of hot coral !

I’m currently using Starling too, as my main account. I do prefer Monzo, so hoping their features etc match or even beat Starling for me to switch to them fully. Only time will tell!

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My biggest issue right now making Monzo my main account is the overdraft fees compared to Starling / MetroBank. Starling are winning on that but I’m interested in testing and seeing what works.

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Yes. You’ve mentioned this a couple of times before…


I also received an invite today! So exciting. Can’t wait to start using the debit card. I am a fan of the hot coral. Bring it on! :grinning:

Yes Tom I have mentioned it before, but thanks for reminding me.

No problem. There’s a poll here if you’re interested.

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Many thanks for that Tom, I have voted!
I am sure the finished debit card might make me feel better once it looks like a bank card. We will see

Got my invite today as well! Looking forward to going home and setting it up!

Got mine too but seem to be having an issue with verifying my identity. The screen says “Done” and has a button for “send my debit card” but pressing it brings up a pop up saying “not much longer” and it “may take a few more minutes” but it never finishes. Restarting the app goes back to the “verifying details” screen for about ten seconds before saying “done” again :confused:

Contact support in app and check whether the card has been ordered :slight_smile:

I hit this exact same issue at the beginning of the week. Initially customer support didn’t take it seriously and said I should wait. Later they admitted there had been a glitch and it took over 24 hours to be resolved.

I think it’s here to stay though. It’s grown on me over time.


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