Woo! Just got my invite

(Tommy Clark) #1

Been waiting for this, just going through the verification process. Can’t wait to recieve my debit card and start to use the account. Thanks Monzo!

(Michael) #2

I also got my invite, card should be waiting for me when I return from holiday

I have been using Monzo and Starling whilst on holiday in Turkey.

At present I am using Starling far more than Monzo, so I am looking forward to testing the bank account.

My last point is I am not a fan of hot coral !

(Tommy Clark) #3

I’m currently using Starling too, as my main account. I do prefer Monzo, so hoping their features etc match or even beat Starling for me to switch to them fully. Only time will tell!

(M) #4

My biggest issue right now making Monzo my main account is the overdraft fees compared to Starling / MetroBank. Starling are winning on that but I’m interested in testing and seeing what works.

(Tom ) #5

Yes. You’ve mentioned this a couple of times before…

(Steve Sharrott) #6

I also received an invite today! So exciting. Can’t wait to start using the debit card. I am a fan of the hot coral. Bring it on! :grinning:

(Michael) #7

Yes Tom I have mentioned it before, but thanks for reminding me.

(Tom ) #8

No problem. There’s a poll here if you’re interested.

(Michael) #9

Many thanks for that Tom, I have voted!
I am sure the finished debit card might make me feel better once it looks like a bank card. We will see

(P Burrows) #10

Got my invite today as well! Looking forward to going home and setting it up!

(Dave) #11

Got mine too but seem to be having an issue with verifying my identity. The screen says “Done” and has a button for “send my debit card” but pressing it brings up a pop up saying “not much longer” and it “may take a few more minutes” but it never finishes. Restarting the app goes back to the “verifying details” screen for about ten seconds before saying “done” again :confused:

(Hugh) #12

Contact support in app and check whether the card has been ordered :slight_smile:


I hit this exact same issue at the beginning of the week. Initially customer support didn’t take it seriously and said I should wait. Later they admitted there had been a glitch and it took over 24 hours to be resolved.

(Drew sanders) #14

I think it’s here to stay though. It’s grown on me over time.

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