Apple WWDC 2019

Just to keep the :green_apple: fans happy since @simonb has created a Google I/O 2019 thread :slight_smile:

What announcements are you hoping for? It won’t be long until the 3rd June comes around.

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iOS dark mode, eh?

Do we think they’ll be charging £3 a month? :joy:


Thanks @Jackcrwhitney!

Yes looking forward to WWDC and seeing what iOS 13 has in store for us!

Hopefully dark mode will finally be built and we will see a bit of a UI overhaul, especially on things like the home screen, would love the ability to not have the home bar!

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I haven’t really thought about what I’d like to see but as I type this the following comes to mind:

  • Dark Mode for iOS with app support (they recognise which mode your device is in and automatically switch).
  • Screen-time improvements + it be brought to the Mac.
  • As @glasgow mentions, some improvements to the UI around the home screen would be welcome, although I do still love how basic it is.
  • The ability to send photos via bluetooth to android devices.
  • WatchOS sleep tracking.
  • A true low power mode, similar to what you get on some Samsung devices, I think they call it ultra low power mode? Screen goes grayscale, only core apps work, battery life greatly increased.

Yes sleep tracking would be cool although I know Apple didn’t want to have you charging your watch during day time when you should be tracking activity which makes me think we won’t see it till at least the next gen watch


I’ve been less and less keen on Apple’s direction recently, but as always, I’ll be jumping on the iOS 13 betas as soon as they drop.

I don’t care much about a dark mode, it’s fun to play around with for a while. What I’m hoping for is a more competitive iPad UI/UX. I haven’t been using my MacBook for much lately, I get what I need from my iPad. I just hope they improve file management a bit and I’m all good.


I’d like to see some improvements to home screen too, as well as the widgets list. I personally don’t think they work where they are. I don’t use them that much, but they could be useful if handled better.

I’d love iMessage to go cross platform. Doubt  will ever do this though sadly.

Keep on improving  Music

More Health and Activity options/improvements

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Where to start…

  • The UI needs a lot of tidying up, and the entire push/force touch discovery is a mess and differs between apps. I’d happily take a step back to get this sorted for the coming years.
  • Notes app needs some love, let me shortcut something to a FOLDER in Notes already!
  • Watch sleep tracking - yes, and remember they did some magic with software between v1 and v2 for battery life, could they do more here with the current gen?

And actual surprise? I miss the days of Apple events that held a surprise, stupid internet and all the spoilers…


I only wanna see what iOS13 holds other than that I’m not really bothered now as all it seems to be is just tweaks.


Couldn’t agree more! It used to be so exciting, but between the usual leaks now and the lack of innovation it’s not the same :frowning: Bring back the Apple magic!


iOS 12 was just performance based (which was definitely needed), here’s hoping for some significant design improvements this year :crossed_fingers:t3:

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I’m hoping Apple keep a good balance between new features and performance moving forward. It defiantly slipped in the past.

I believe they have given engineers more power to delay things that aren’t quite ready which is good.

Would be interesting to see if every other release was focused on performance.


Not long now :eyes: I’m gonna be downloading the iOS 13 beta as soon as I can!


There are just too many people working at Apple now for this to happen - someone will always leak just to either get money or to say that they knew before others.

Completely agree, and I genuinely think they’ve lost something without Steve Jobs leading (or maybe that’s just me).

I agree to an extent - the problem I think Apple have is that, as it is it’s own ecosystem it has to manage everything - the OS, the iOS, the hardware etc etc.

The great leaps we saw back when Jobs was the poster boy would be seen as small incremental baby steps today - albeit I don’t think Tim Cook is as “innovation” centric as before - the problem for Apple is that people still buy their stuff (myself included).

They are much more business-focused than they used to be and I think that is what is hurting them more than anything.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple and as they say ‘it just works’ but I definitely feel like I’m getting less and less for my money. Plus being less and less excited for each upgrade (but still buying it, as you say :wink: )

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I used to think that idea was people being nostalgic…

… but I kind of agree now. There’s a less simplistic attitude at Apple. It used to be “Make a few things, but make them work REALLY well”. Now it’s “Let’s appeal to all the people with a lot of things that work but sorta just work”.


That is apple tax for you :wink: I bought a new MacBook pro when I didn’t need to and could’ve bought a windows equivalent and shaved hundreds of pounds off the price.

Apple are a weird one because we keep going back even after being disappointed :laughing:

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