So.... the new :Apple: stuff announced today (Poll)

What are you all planning on picking up?

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • New 10.2" iPad
  • None - I like :apple: but don’t need anything new
  • None - :android: for life!

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As it stands I’m not picking anything new up. My XR is still going strong (as it should be since it’s less than a year old) and my iPad is a 2018 one I think and still does the job. I’ll be waiting for Google’s event and likely upgrading my Pixel 2 XL to a 4 XL (unless I jump ship to OnePlus this year)


I’m not upgrading anything - but I was never planning to this year. Still happy with my iPhone X - I will be upgrading that next year. And only got my iPad (Pro - 11) at the beginning of this year.

Still happy with series 4 watch - only a year old. May upgrade that next year depending on what the series 6 is like, or might hold off until 2021.

Annoyed that the UK prices are more than the US.


True. But you can’t put a price on our independence and sovereignty! :wink:


Not getting anything but have to give a shout out to them FINALLY including a fast charger in the box… if you buy the $1000 one!!! #OnlyApple

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@simonb you forgot to add the reduce price series 3 watch :joy:

Now that was a surprise!

Tempted to get an Apple Watch.

Currently have the XS and I love it, would be silly to upgrade now IMO (not that I was planning on it).

I can’t see myself upgrading until a USB C / 5G model is released (although I do always get tempted by the pixel handsets).

My iPad is about a year or two old and is perfect for my use.

Have been considering an upgrade to an XS Max recently, or the 11 Pro Max - partially because of the dual sim and upgrade timing.

The 11 Pro looks nice though.

Just recently upgraded my Series 0 watch to a refurb Series 3 so I’m all good there. However my iPad Air (original) doesn’t seem to support iOS 13 so I’ll wait and see how I get in with it on my iPhone X.

Due an iPhone upgrade December couple of months to decide which iPhone :thinking:

Same, might just go for the X

I would love to spend irresponsibly on an 11 Pro, but I’m spending irresponsibly on a new car this year – marking the first iPhone generation I’ve skipped since release.

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Not getting anything new. I have an iPhone X and it’s still pretty much working as well as it did when I opened the box.

I am tempted to get a Series 3 watch as the Series 1 I have a moment isn’t holding up so well. Overall I thought it was a lacklustre keynote last night which is fine, iPhone is a mature product, but Apple massively oversold the ‘innovation’ aspect in the lead up to it!


iPhone 8 red was the best one on my opinion would of kept that

I’m an Android scrub, but I thought the prices on the subscription services were interesting! $5 is aggressively priced!

I feel that perhaps the keynote was aimed at people like me. Can get a new iPhone, iWatch, and iPad for not much more really than the price of a flagship from other competitors…

Still rocking the 6s :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
The battery is awful. The screen has the hallmarks of 4 years of use. The camera is terrible… But still, these iPhones don’t tempt me :partying_face:

Had an iPhone 5 (not even a 5s) until feb this year went to iPhone XR so this phone should last me 7years too :joy:

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I just changed from a 5s - to an 8. Bold eh? R-

I was hoping for a price drop on the Watch Series 4, but instead they discontinued it! :sob: