Apple WWDC 2020

They removed Rosetta 1 from macOS once Intel chips took hold so it will probably be around for a few years when they drop Intel (but they cannot announce that yet hence the announcement of new Intel Macs later in the year as it would kill sales).

One of the positives of moving from PowerPC to Intel was the ability to BootCamp Windows, I’m intrigued with that too. I think Windows 10 does work on ARM so I can see it supported.

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Windows felt a bit like the elephant in the room in the virtualization session. They made a point of talking about multiple environments then just said Linux. I wonder if Windows is supported by there’s a reason why it got pulled?

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This stood out to me too. Microsoft were name dropped in the apps department. If Windows will be supported by the new architecture, I’m sure they would have made a big song and dance about that too.

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Microsoft have their own ARM surface, so yeah windows 10 does support arm

Monzo app on future Mac’s is basically confirmed then :grin:


Interestingly, the Office apps on Big Sur looked much closer to the Windows ribbon equivalents than I think the current versions do (although I might be out of date).

On Windows, it may well be that MS and Apple are still coming to commercial terms, or that there’s something else in the way. Maybe Apple don’t really want Windows running on their machines even if it might be technically supported? (Plausible given that the bootcamp drivers are a bit meh, particularly for the trackpad).

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Windows has internal builds for ARM for Surface, but as far as I know there is no ARM “iso” (or whatever the bootable image format for that will be) available for the general public outside of specific builds for Raspberry Pi?

I don’t particularly care about running Windows, but I can see a problem when it comes to games. Consoles have now aligned on x86 which means porting games to x86 platforms is really easy, but with Apple switching away from that architecture it means there would be even less games available than there are now considering the complexity of porting will increase by orders of magnitude.

Just catching up, by watching the youtube video at 1.8x speed and it’s even more of a rush. IOS 14 WIDGETS VIDEO IN SCREEN AAAAAAH

Everything looks overly Greenscreened too. A little freaky.


So I really liked everything they announced and it kinda got me wanting to go back deeper into the ecosystem (get a Watch again, etc)

I remember last year someone was kind enough here to upload their developer profile/setting thingy to allow curious and crazy people to get the dev beta. Is it possible this year too? Would someone be kind enough?

My borked developer account still allows me to download it.

I wonder if Monzo works in the iOS 14 beta. It had huge problems in iOS 13 beta.

Queue stream of people moaning stating you shouldn’t install it!


Oh please tell. That is one of the few apps which would make me wait a few weeks.

I have a paid developer account and I’m willing to add a few dozen devices. Feel free to DM me your device’s UDID and I’ll do it later tonight free of charge. Make sure to take an iTunes backup (encrypted so it also saves passwords & health data) just in case the beta ends up being unstable.


Nice - I stopped paying for my account about 4 years ago and I also can still get to everything. Every so often it throws a “you’re not allowed here” page, but then later lets me in again.

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I believe the “personal dev account” doesn’t work for those who had a paid company account before. I had a paid account for my business, it expired but the associated Apple ID wouldn’t even let me sign apps for my own devices using the free accounts that are now available for individual devs.

Oh bugger me. This was the thing I could do last year but not anymore… since iPadOS I have no need for a Mac and I now have no way of making backups. I guess I’ll have to wait a few days before jumping onboard and then before each update

That’s about the same time I stopped paying for my developer account. I admit I have not tried to sign anything since then but downloading anything still works fine. I remember advising someone else here a few years back to try and they were blocked on the official site so it does seem like a happy bug for us.

My mid-2012 Macbook Pro doesn’t want to install Big Sur unfortunatly which means it may be finally out of date and Catalina is the final one it can handle. My iMac is willing though so might give that a whirl tomorrow.

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Do you have a Linux machine by any chance? You can take a backup with the helper tools that libimobiledevice device provides on the command line. I’ve used it successfully dozens of times back when I was working at an O2 shop (faster for data transfers than the awful proprietary tool the shop had).

I’ll borrow my partner’s windows machine and install iTunes/back up on an external drive so it’s 100% safe from accidental deletion

I no longer own any device with a permanently attached keyboard or that isn’t ARM which does have its occasional limitations, but I’m getting there

Installed on my second iPhone and no major issues so far.

Monzo runs and yet to experience any crashes.

Edit: don’t want to speak too soon but it seems very stable so far :calling:


Yep, you’re out of luck I’m afraid