Apple Pay Transaction Issues

Is anyone else noticing that Apple Pay with Monzo Debit cards are getting a bit worse recently? I’ve had a few times recently where the terminals have declined the transaction but the Flex card has gone through fine.

Anyone else or just me on this?

Various reports on this issue. Seems to be down to the terminal an BIN discrimination (or rather lack of support) for newer Monzo cards.

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I’ve had this loads with monzo, every other card works fine.

The merchant usually has to cancel the transaction on the terminal and do it again, which majority works thereafter.


Same, had it twice tonight. Had declines aswell at Sainsbury’s and a pub

In Sainsbury’s;

  • Monzo decline
  • Monzo decline
  • Barclays approved

No message on the app, card machine shows declined but the app reports nothing

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Did you have enough in the :monzo: account to pay?

Have you (usually accidentally) frozen your :monzo: card?

It’s not usually a decline, it’s just some weird error, think it’s “card not recognised” or something, and refuses to take it on a second attempt until transaction cancelled and then attempted again from fresh.

This has happened on many machines, but commonly at my regular pub.


Plenty of money in the account and card not frozen. :slight_smile:

Yes, and Monzo account not frozen

It’s like I can tap my phone against the reader multiple times, get a ghost decline and then tap my card and it’s fine

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Just to confirm @davidwalton a card freeze would mean I can’t open Apple Pay, it would show “Monzo suspended this card” etc

And if I didn’t have enough in the account I would see a notification and the transaction in app, but I don’t see either of these. Card machine rejects and monzo app has nothing to show


Must be a new BIN or something, issue, as I’ve had zero issues using Apple Pay with my :sunshine: card.

Was the same with my metal card not just Max card.

My debit card was declined in Sainsbury’s last week but Flex was fine. I usually use Amex but had a Monzo 3% cashback at Sainsbury’s to use.

Discounting human error early in any diagnosis is usually a good move.

There is a particular self-serve checkout terminal in a particular Tesco store near us which won’t accept the Monzo Joint account via NFC/Gpay. We’ve tested this: Other cards via NFC/Gpay work fine, as do both physical Joint account cards. And the Joint account works with other checkout terminals in the same store via NFC/Gpay.

Try explaining that one to the Tesco staff - ‘contact your bank’ is the only response. It’s got nothing to do with the bank but we’ve done the route anyway.

There are lots of variables involved with something like this. Remember the Apple Pay issue with Sumup terminals earlier this year?:

I’d recommend sending the details of the failure to


Just happened to me again at KFC, I tap, he says declined, nothing on Monzo, try again, works

In the drive through

I didn’t see the card reader but it was a very quick decline

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It’s happened to me twice this morning, I’m carrying my physical card every time I leave for the first time in years. Rejected Apple Pay 3 times before I used the physical card

Are you guys who are also having the issue on the iPhone 15/15 Pro? There are some other reports online

Mines 14 Pro and gave up with monzo because of it.

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