Card not working in Tesco

My card hasn’t been working since Friday evening
Worked normally Thursday at the gym and Friday in several shops.
Definitely have money in the account.
When I try to refresh the balance in the app it says sorry that didn’t work, please try again and contact us if it continues.

Have you contacted support?


Hello @Ke11

Have you managed to sort this?

I used my card in Tesco yesterday no issue

This is now happening to me. It’s very humiliating when trying to buy your meal deal in front of a huge queue and the staff member is telling you your card isn’t working despite the money being there. Especially when you only left the office with your phone with Android Pay and your Monzo card so you have to leave embarrassed and sandwichless.

The transaction goes really slowly. Then the money goes from Monzo and is immediately refunded. But on the card terminal it says declined.

I also had a case last week where I was charged twice at Tesco because the terminal declined the first tap, but the money still left my account. This one was refunded after contacting Monzo.

This exact thing happened to me few weeks and again it was Tesco. COps gave me back the duplicated transaction but now seeing this happening to other people makes me wonder if it’s something to do with Tesco terminals? :thinking:

Just thought I’d mention that I never have a problem with Tesco, and I shop there a lot.

Monzo even works with Tesco pay where you just scan a QR code at the till. Still get an instant notification :bell:

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I use the Tesco Pay+ app too with my Monzo card.

Means I don’t forget to swipe my Clubcard, is more or less as quick as contactless whilst also allowing transactions higher than 30 pounds.

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+1 for the Tesco Pay+ app. I use it every time I’m in Tesco. The only disadvantage is you have to unlock your phone and then find and unlock the app (on iOS, anyway) before scanning. But what else would I be doing while I’m in the queue?