Card Error in Sainsbury's


Several times now in Sainsbury’s (E17) I’ve tried to use Chip+PIN on a transaction over the Contactless limit ant the PoS Terminal immediately responds with “Card Error” - even after several attempts. Another bank card works fine in the same terminal. It’s the only place I’ve had a problem like this. It’s a recurring problem over several weeks (using different PoS terminals in the same store)

It seems they just don’t like our Joint and Personal account cards and it is specific to Monzo. It’s not asking for a PIN; it immediately rejects the card so I guess Monzo doesn’t see any attempt.

What steps can be taken to remedy this?


Your card could have broken.

Try messaging Monzo customer support and telling them what’s happened.

I shop in Sainsbury’s a lot for purchases large and small and never have an issue. Mostly use Apple Pay but I’ve used my card both with the chip and contactless and its’ always gone through okay.

Definitely worth contacting Monzo. Does anything come up in your app, a rejection for example? If not it could be a problem with your card/s.

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Recently had the same experience in game (the gaming shop) , they were using Barclaycard terminals and it instantly rejected it, no notification in app.

My card works in Sainsbury’s pay at pump, but in store I always use Google pay.

Have you for sure used chip and pin in another store since the issues?