Apple Pay Invalid Card at Some But Not All Retailers

I’ve been having problem with my card since I added it to my new iPhone. It seems that it works at most retailers but not all. Some times when I present my phone to the merchants terminal an ‘Invalid Card’ error is displayed on the terminal.

Has anyone else had this problem? The same card was working fine on my old phone. I’ve been in contact with support, but I just get the same generic advice over and over again, all of which I’ve tried, but with no success:

Deleting the cards and readding them
Deleting the Monzo app and readding them
Deleting the cards from both phones, readding them to my new phone only

The card seems to get added to Wallet correctly and works at most major shops. It just seems as though it’s some of the smaller independents where it doesn’t work. One that I’m friendly with say they bank with Barclays who provides their terminals.

It seems my partner also has the same problem with her joint account card. I was thinking of requesting a new card to see if that would work.

Any thoughts/help much appreciated!

Probably an acceptance issue between Monzo and a particular brand of terminal.

I know some Sumup machines which are popular with small indipendant businesses are still having issues with relatively new issued Monzo cards (apparently because of a new BIN). It’s pretty prevalent still on the island here for my mom if she tries to pay with Apple Pay.

Nothing you can do really besides reporting it to Monzo as an acceptance issue and hope they get onto the merchant or processor for you (but to temper expectations, they probably won’t).

I’ve had this loads with Apple Pay, very noticed this weekend.

Not sure what machine the business had, I thought it was me opening Apple Pay too early, and it timing out then trying passcode and it getting the error. Happened a good handful of times so just kept using chip and pin instead after.

Didn’t happen with other cards but once the monzo card caused the decline it then refused other Apple Pay cards.

Fortunately I had physical cards with me anyway, it’s annoying.

Could just be the terminal though; white touch screen handheld thing.

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One of these?

Not those, never had an issue.

But this looks very similar if not the same:

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I have had problems with those Sum Up terminals but then they started working again. The problems I’ve been experiencing are with this kind, which is pretty standard.

I haven’t carried a physical card for years, but now for some reason I need to again. What’s changed I wonder?

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At a guess I’d say it’s the same issue as with Sumup, but a different POS provider.

We need a test though. Next time you come across one of these terminals, try a non-Monzo card in Apple Pay first.

Because at this stage, it could equally as likely be an Apple Pay issue.

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I can use other non-Monzo cards from my wallet on this terminal.

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So it’s identical to the sumup issue then. I’d suggest emailing and hope they fix it. Might equally be worth contact the provider of those card readers too.

Okay, cool. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

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That looks like the Dojo ones

But I’m sure other companies are using that OEM but dojo has been gaining market share recently from my anecdotal experience.

Yeah I wasn’t just imagining it, 18% market share since 2019 is pretty good.