Apple Pay top ups failing

Hi guys.
As the title suggests. When I try and top up via Apple Pay I’m getting a ‘processing error’ with a little red exclamation mark where the fingerprint icon normally shows. Tried two cards (both Halifax debit) and neither work.

I have topped up via the ‘normal method’ with these cards instead and have no problems. So assume it to be a problem with Apple Pay.

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i topup with my nationalwide bank card over day £210 using apple pay worked fast even hit internal limit to .

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I’ve had the same problem can no longer top up via Apple Pay and my Halifax card, but can direct with my Halifax card. I spoke to Halifax and they informed me that they had blocked Mondo as suspected fraud, but had now lifted that block. I’m not sure if that has affected Apple Pay?


i have same problem. Halifax card too. doesnt seem to like the apple pay and Mondo link. works with everything else. just need to topup with card

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I’m also having issues with Halifax trying to top up my card. £100 top ups are fine, anything over this I get the processing error. Halifax blocked it last month as suspected fraud and lifted the block, they’ve once again blocked it. Would be good if they could note this on my account, don’t want it happening for a 3rd time!

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don’t you just love banks - Ive had no problems with Lloyds topping up amounts between £10 and £1000 over 4 months

Anyone from the Mondo team care to respond? This has been ongoing for around a month now with no reply or answer given?


Hi Daniel,

I’ve looked into your issues specifically and it looks like Halifax themselves are declining your Apple Pay topup. It may be that they have incorrectly flagged the Mondo top up as fraud. Unfortunately, as Apple Pay shows up as a different merchant to Halifax compared to a normal card top up then even if you have called them up before about it not being a fraudulent transaction they may not have applied the same exception to Apple Pay also.

My best suggestion would be to give Halifax a ring to see if they can provide further information and let them know you want the transactions to be allowed.


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I’ve also had this with Halifax - declined Apple Pay top-ups for Mondo but also declined Apple Pay transactions through other apps (e.g I finally got confirmation from Halifax that they impose a limit of £100 for Apple Pay transactions.

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Just to confirm I use RBS debit card apple pay to top up mondo regularly and no issues

How do you use Apple Pay to top up? I can’t see any option.

You must be both on a device that supports Apple Pay and have a supported debit card set up in Wallet to see the option. Once you do, it should just show up here in the top up screen.

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Thanks Richard, looks like I need to add a debit card then!

Well as long as it is not HSBC who appear to decline it using apple pay and the debit card direct :angry:

This doesn’t mean anything against Halifax or bank of Scotland as they use the same back end processing and fraud systems

Halifax are flagging Mondo transactions as fraudulent for sure.

I tried topping up last night, then recieved calls this morning claiming there had been fraudulent use of my debit card.

Need to phone Halifax to sort it out.

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TSB do the same too, they told me mine was blocked because the money is being sent to Iceland. They knew I weren’t located in Iceland at the time so they blocked it as fraud.

Why is the money going overseas?

all payments are failing its the stupid new payment supplier at last old one works :thumbsdown: apple pay did to now havnt been able topup since 6th annoyed card disappeard to and apple pay not complete

my top ups are working fine today , with Lloyds bank never had one declined mind you I don’t use apple pay :wink:

i use Barclays payment card disappeard app says when add it its declind then apple pay not complete on natwest