Topping Up Mondo Blocked?

(Aaron) #1

Hey :slight_smile:

I topped up my card but received a call from my bank telling me it was blocked as possible fraudulent activity, apparently it was flagged with them because the money was going to Iceland.

Any reason why it goes overseas?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

not aware it does go overseas - have you tried the in app chat to ask Mondo directly ?

(Jack Worton) #3

Maybe that’s something to do with Wirecard? (The card network Mondo uses)

Maybe it’s not but I’m not sure, my Halifax bank blocked my top ups recently.

(George) #4

There are a few threads on this already, mostly pointing to Halifax…

(Aaron) #5

Thanks for the replies guys.

That sounds weird, I’m using TSB. They said the money was going to Iceland and they knew I weren’t over there because I used it at home earlier in the day.

(Rob) #6

Flagging up completely legit transactions as fraudulent is yet another reason Mondo is the future :slight_smile:

(Adam) #7

Not sure how you came to that conclusion. I think what TSB has done was totally responsible especially as @AaronB said he used his card in the UK and for a transaction.

Although I personally haven’t been a victim of fraud, I know a couple of people who have and it wasn’t noticed for a couple of weeks.

(Aaron) #8

Was there any update on this? It would be good to get clarity before I continue using Mondo.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #9

Hi Aaron , Ive been using Mondo since January with absolutely no top up problems using my Lloyds debit card , Ive topped up and spent with Mondo in to the thousands of pounds over that period. Understandably you have concerns if TSB are saying the payments are going to Iceland and have blocked the payment - maybe try topping up with a bank transfer if you still want to use Mondo

  • having said that this is presumably your first top up ? so might be required to be a debit card by Mondo which obviously has some ID security checks done by your issuing bank that can be used by Mondo ?
  • if you don’t get a reply from somebody at Mondo on this thread, maybe send a message through twitter to them ?