Halifax Apple Pay issue


I’ve had monzo since about the start of the year, I was with Barclays, and never had any issues topping up with Applepay.

Recently I’ve switched to Halifax, and I now cannot top up via apple pay. I can still top up with the card, but i dont always have the card with me when I need it, so apple pay would be ideal.

I have been to Halifax and they seem to think its not them who is blocking the top up, and suggested it was Apple.

Anyone else had this issue? and how did you get on with fixing it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Apple has no part in the approval/decline of an Apple Pay transaction. They are simply the wallet provider. Based on experience, some banks are running their Apple Pay processing through a different set of limits with different fraud profiles than regular debit cards. :slightly_smiling_face:

How much are you attempting to top up? A select few UK banks have difficulties accepting top ups via. Apple Pay or Android Pay above the £50 and £100 marks but their frontline support staff don’t appear to be able to see or fix this.


Yeah I tried to transfer about 800. Do you know anyways around this? It was pretty convenient to do it that way when I was with Barclays.

Thanks for your reply :+1:

Topping up with a debit card only takes a few seconds in the app and the details are stored, so I’m a bit confused why you’d need your debit card to top up?

Not sure about Barclays, but I have some experience with Lloyds.

Lloyds outright declines online Apple Pay transactions of £300 or more.

If I try to spend anywhere online (including Monzo topup) with a transaction exceeding £300, it’s blocked. But I can use my debit card obviously way above that.

As a test, previously I have topped up £300 via Apple Pay twice in immediate succession, and to my surprise they were approved. That is a way around it - but for the sake of time, it’s probably quicker to just topup via debit card (and cheaper for Monzo too)


First Direct regularly block my Monzo top ups.

I’ve never had issues with First Direct Apple Pay. My last top up was £1000.

Thats interesting. I have had some issues over the past two days with Halifax and Apple pay. Halifax claim its an apple problem (which I doubt) but I have had no issues at all with Monzo or Smile on Apple Pay

It’ll be a Halifax issue, it almost always is

Well this is a blast from the past!

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And @Rika’s explanation explains the issue that I’ve had with Google Pay on my Halifax credit card frequently where Android Pay will start declining but the physical card works. Oddly the Halifax frontline staff claim it’s the phone or Google blocking the transaction. Once the block happens they continue to be blocked until midnight and there’s nothing they can do to change it.

Last time it seemed to be a recurring web transaction that has been fine for years that was triggering the issue yet I’ve never used Google Pay with that merchant.

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