Apple Pay Top ups failing iOS 11

Hi Guys.

Has any one been experiencing problems with topping up their prepaid cards via Apple Pay recently.
Tried various attempts to Top up but I just get the red exclamation mark processing error each time.
Not a bank issue as have used the same bank with Apple Pay since the beginning. Never an issue.
Has only been since upgrading to IOS 11 as far as I recall.

Normal top up works by entering the card details manually so assume it’s an Apple Pay issue.
Any other users seeing this?

Nope works for me, been working since Dev BETA 1

I’d give a call to your bank as they might have blocked payments to your Monzo card, it’s happened to me before

One your bank unblocks payments to Monzo then it should be fine, I’d wait about 10mins after the end of the call :slight_smile:

Please contact Monzo support and tell them Rika said to perform the Apple Pay fix. :wink:

For the insiders here, this happens after you have made around 200 Apple/Android Pay top ups. Each Apple/Android Pay top up creates a new card object in our top up processor and there’s a 200 card maximum. It’s a very easy fix. :hammer:

Edit: Please only do this if you see “:exclamation: Payment not completed.” in the Apple Pay sheet (or the Android Pay equivalent).

Additionally, if you are seeing “Processing error”, try removing your Apple Pay card from Wallet and adding it back before contacting support. That could either be the above or an issue with the card.


Thanks Richard. All sorted thanks to your advice above.


Can I top up via apple pay credit card? The Revolut card can and it is free

I don’t believe so no. Bank transfers are preferred by Monzo now.

No. From memory, it’s only ever worked with debit cards and there’s certainly no incentive for Monzo to change this.

Many credit cards offer you balance transfers to your bank via their own mechanisms so there’s really no need for Monzo to create an effective duplicate of something that already exists.

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There is also presumably a higher charge for Monzo if they were accepting credit cards as well as debit cards as they are normally charged at different rates.