Not Happy

cant even topup card disapearred add card says declind and now apple pay says not complete angry been customer this long cant even topup not since 6th and had issues before that reinstall dont help to.

Contacted Natwest and Barclays both told me the declind transtation didnt come up so its mondo and them river push updates not fix toppping up :rage:

Getting angry is not going to resolve anything. I would suggest (calmly) asking support via in-app chat if they can look in to why it’s failing.


there no help them seem to have understanding no one els has issue lol maybe them should read forms.

have you seen this reply to another user about apple pay - which I presume you are using - maybe the issue with your banks are the same that your mondo transaction is coming up as apple pay - which they block as fraudulent ? or the other way round ?

"Josh Mondo May 171
Hi Daniel,

I’ve looked into your issues specifically and it looks like Halifax themselves are declining your Apple Pay topup. It may be that they have incorrectly flagged the Mondo top up as fraud. Unfortunately, as Apple Pay shows up as a different merchant to Halifax compared to a normal card top up then even if you have called them up before about it not being a fraudulent transaction they may not have applied the same exception to Apple Pay also.

My best suggestion would be to give Halifax a ring to see if they can provide further information and let them know you want the transactions to be allowed.

Josh "

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No I have rang both Barclays and Natwest and comfirmed my card is not blocked or getmondo isnt on my account it cant get blocked if stripe never accepted payment for getmondo to auth our bank to take it and hand to getmondo notifcation bank did not recieve one that it got declind or accepted as bank can see if someone trying to auth a payment like us trying topup say £50 bank would get notifcation

It sounds like the problem is with stripe then.

yep well not stripe comfirmed was mondo issue was fixed in mins :slight_smile: system thing that connects to stripe

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