Apple Pay - Tesco

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Anyone had same problem?
Tesco refuses to accept Apple Pay with Monzo? Just double beep from terminal.
Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s etc accept Monzo/Apple pay without any issues.
I have HSBC card added to Apple Pay as well and Tesco accepts it?

Works fine for me with Monzo, although it’s annoying how they don’t accept Apple Pay above £30 yet.


Works fine for me

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What amount was it - over £30?

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No… below £30. Tried 2 times then switched card to HSBC - no probs.
Not the first time

Ive never had this issue, does it happen in all Tesco stores or just a specific one?

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Haven’t had this happen any time I’ve used Apple Pay at Tesco, but it is something we see in the Chat support from time to time.

Usually if you try to make the payment again, either with Apple Pay or Contactless it should go through without any issues

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Never had this issue with Apple Pay…

But with tesco if it’s over £30 it’ll still request the card, even on Apple Pay

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I tried few times… phone shows tick - payment was accepted but double beep from terminal. Tesco only. No problems with contactless there

I think the problem in alot of cases may be that you have to click pay by card depending on what version of Tesco’s software it’s on,

You used to be able to tap a contactless card when it was on the payment screen where it asks you how you want to pay, cash/card/voucher and it went through.

But since they started with NFC clubcards on that screen it only accepts clubcards unless you click on cards.

If you try contactless at that stage your phone will get a tick on the screen, it will say processing and then it will decline.

I have 2 local Tesco’s one seems to have an update that now you can do contactless on the cash/card/voucher screen and it goes through but the other Tesco still doesn’t let, so hopefully they’re rolling out new software.

Always been fine here, unless it’s over £30