Contactless didn't work at Tesco supermarket UK

Used the card with the pin, and contactless previously with no problems. Thought I would try it at Tesco today, and I put the card on the machine and nothing happened. No decline, no sound, nothing. Initially thought it might be the machine, but I used my usual debit card with contactless successfully right after.

Maybe relevant dunno, otherwise loving the whole idea.

Getting no reaction from the terminal at all suggests that it hadn’t powered up the NFC field yet or that something was blocking it. Even if the terminal or acquirer rejects the card, it should at least beep. :thinking:


I have found in some shops a card is instantly recognised and bleeps successfully each time but in others you may have to tap a contactless card against the terminal a few times to get it to respond , and in one store they suggested that I had to rub my card on the terminal as a tap doesn’t ever work! My guess is it is down to a rubbish terminal

So when I placed the card against the machine and it didn’t work, I moved it away from it, placed it back and moved it around, then did it all again. The cashier moved the machine to see if it was on and connected which it was, I tried again and nothing.

Then I tried my other visa debit card and it worked instantly. So I dunno what happened, but hopefully this helps in some way!

This happened to me recently as well ! (Superdrug). Used a different card afterwards (sadly ) and it worked fine

Hi Lara, there are known issues with using contactless in superdrug

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Hey Will, it sounds like it could have been an issue with the terminal…sometimes our contactless payments take longer as we connect directly for an online authorisation at the time of purchase, but even so, you should have heard the beep and seen a processing message on the terminal screen. We’ll definitely keep an ear out for similar reports, in case it’s an issue we need to address :slightly_smiling_face:

Contactless declined @ Tesco express tonight but then pin & chip worked.
Pos beeped & notification came up as declined.
Is this Tesco tech issue?

my current account card didn’t work on contactless in a Tesco local. Chip and pin worked fine.