Tesco not accepting Monzo

I went into Tesco in Chelmsford today and they have a sign up saying due to technical issues they can’t accept Monzo. Just wondering why they are specifically saying Monzo? Surely any technical issue would affect more than one bank?

My guess would be one of two things:

  1. Their BIN lists have gone wonky - these are the lists that use the first 6 digits of a card number to work out what type of card, and what bank, it is. If they’d accidentally reverted to an old list, it might not have Monzo on there

  2. A couple of people are reporting being double-charged by Tesco on their Monzo cards in the last 24 hours - maybe Tesco have put a block on all Monzo cards while they fix it.


Hey Richard :wave:

Definitely sounds a bit weird! Any chance you could pop a message through your in-app chat with the address of this specific Tesco? We have a team that looks into issues like this, they might be able to find out what’s going on :crossed_fingers:


Possibly a local issue, as my Tesco home delivery order was debited this morning.

I had an issue a few months ago where I paid contactless, the money was taken from my bank but the till said it didn’t go through

They told me the first one would be refunded within a week and made me pay twice, or I couldn’t have my shopping

As soon as I left I spoke to Monzo who put it back immediately like but still a weird/shit experience on their behalf

Good thing I had adequate funds and wasn’t spending my last few quid to provide to my kids - can imagine someone having a Falling Down sized meltdown if that ever happened to someone in that position :upside_down_face:

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I used my monzo plus card in my local Tesco yesterday (12th Oct 19) without any issues, money has been debited from my account with no issues

i have just used my card in tesco within the last hour, no issues or signs in store.


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I used mine twice in a Tesco in Stockport last week and both times was charged twice. The first transaction stayed as pending so CS refunded it so all good.

Seems like it’s just some stores that are affected.

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I had a problem with Tesco in Pembroke Dock on 20 September. I filled up the car which came to £40.01 and when I looked later there was a £41 entry for Tesco (round up I guess) and another one for £1. I’ve put in a dispute but not heard anything back yet.

Hi! Was it the one in Central Chelmsford or the one at the bottom of Wood Street?

I’ll investigate on my way home tonight and have a chat with someone to see what it’s about.

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Wouldn’t that just be the pre authorisation that will drop off?

We’ve just had a chat with the Central Chelmsford store. Nothing is actually wrong and Monzo cards are not being blocked.

It’s an issue related to double-charges on self-checkouts caused by an issue on Tesco’s end. More cards than Monzo are affected but unfortunately, Monzo users always seem to be the first to notice these kinds of issues.

We’re continuing to investigate.


Yeah The double charge happens with me every so often at Tesco. Nowhere else though

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Thanks for looking into this Rika. It’s a shame however that they singled out Monzo.

I would like to raise an issue with Chip and Pin that I had with Tesco online groceries this morning. I placed my order last night for delivery this morning. Tesco do not take the money from the card until the day of delivery and this transaction was marked for chip and PIN. Unfortunately I wasn’t near my phone at the time and so the payment was declined.

Once I realised this I did call Tesco and the situation was corrected but had I been at work where my phone was unavailable the delivery would have been cancelled.

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Same for me, every so often with Tesco (usually the duplicate charge arrives late at night). Not happened with any other merchant.

Last update from me, we have worked things out with Tesco. Things regarding their particular issue here have been resolved, and these signs should be removed shortly, if they have not already. :slightly_smiling_face:


I had a similar experience with Halal Guys. The first payment went through (I didn’t know as I wasn’t getting data) and was told the payment didn’t go through, fine, I pay again. When I left I saw that there were two charges, I reversed one of them and thought that was that. Turns out they charged me again the next day. Spoke to Monzo customer service and was told to speak to merchant first. Spoke to merchant and they sorted it out really quick.

I’ve had double charges many times at that exact Tesco on self-serve. Good to see it’s being investigated

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This is kinda off topic, but in the past 2 days, twice I’ve noticed the person in front of me using Monzo at the self service tills in Tesco, and leaving when the transaction is still processing and not confirmed to have gone through yet!

I’ve gotten to the till after them to find the transaction still processing. Obviously this has nothing to do with them being Monzo customers :joy: and I only clocked them because of the hot coral card, but I found it quite surprising that people would just leave before their payment was confirmed!

I’ve had plenty of experiences with Tesco payments declining after that initial processing stage to know it’s not a guarantee that the payment is going through!

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