Apple Pay - Tesco

i agree with the face they probably want people to us pay+
so what is ASDA’s reason for not doing it?

I wasn’t aware they didn’t. I thought it was only Tesco.

Not got a clue why it would be the case there.

ASDA is our go to for shopping but a real pain with not taking apple pay over normal contactless limit. :smirk:

Pretty sure my local ASDA do :eyes: might be an older ASDA that you got to?

As much as I want Tesco to also take Apple Pay for high value transactions, I don’t get this hostility towards Pay+? It scans my Clubcard and pays in one - pretty convenient to collect Clubcard points


Tesco is not my usual supermarket but in normal times I have to go there for a shop every month or two (it is by far the closest supermarket to an event I go to) and spend more than £30. I really don’t want to be forced into using yet another godsdamn app just to pay with my phone using a method that they have specifically tried to get out of their requirement (by payment network rules) to support.

Honestly, the fact that they managed to roll out Pay+ in the time they were avoiding their requirement to roll out Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method (CDCVM, the technology that allows Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others to use authentication on your device in place of a PIN/signature/etc.) support in their terminals annoys me on a personal level.

I have strong opinions about payment systems though, so take this with a grain of salt. Maybe Pay+ is actually good! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah given I want the clubcard points too, I really rate pay+.

If it was only paying as some shops might try get you to do, it would be a joke, but def utility in the 2-in-1 scan.


I’m with you here, I don’t want to be forced into using multiple mobile wallet solutions just because they don’t yet support something they should be, so would never use Tesco’s Pay +.