Just started using - card declined , no alert no nothing

(James Lohr) #1

Hello, I’ve just started using Monzo and received my card. So far, I was able to make a £1 payment for parking; however when I try to pay for lunch at our local diner, the machine just beeps twice and doesn’t work. I get no alert no nothing in the app.

I have £9 left in the account and lunch typically costs £3 to £5. I have tried on multiple days now with the same issue.

My colleague has a Monzo account too and it works fine for him at the same diner.

It’s a rubbish experience. Any idea what’s going on?

(Nick) #2

Have you tried contacting Monzo support through the in-app chat? You’re much more likely to get an answer and resolution that way as support staff will be able to see what’s happening, while forum users are going to be guessing at best.


the machine just beeps twice and doesn’t work

Are you using contactless by any chance? If so what happens if you try contact (inserting the card)?

(Sacha) #4

For most new cards (not just Monzo ones) you need to use the pin before contactless will work, perhaps that is the cause?

(James Lohr) #5

Wow, in app chat support was awesome.

I used chip and pin and it sorted it out. :slight_smile:


If you get a double beep again (you shouldn’t) pay attention to the message on the terminal. It should’ve said something like ‘Please insert’ in this scenario


Once you’ve done that once, contactless should work in future