✅ [iOS] Apple Pay 'Try a Different Card' [NOT BUG]

Issue: Apple Pay Rejected ‘Try a Different Card’

Details to reproduce: Go to my local ASDA (details to be given if requested) and use Apple Pay. I have used it at this ASDA before on the exact checkout so it is strange it no longer works. Contactless with Curve worked fine afterwards. I guess an acceptance issue but I thought I would log it here.
OS: iOS 12
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 2.24.0 (479)


Probably a local problem… I’ve found Asdas acceptance of any contactless card to be very hit and miss (and their insistence on a £30 limit on mobile payments annoys me too).


I’m thinking this is possibly a terminal misconfiguration. Could you email this over to acceptance@monzo.com with all details you can remember (approximate time, store location, etc.) so we can look into it and get in contact with ASDA?


Nah with Asda (and Tesco) it’s policy. They have cards on the readers that say it. If your shopping comes to more the till won’t even activate the reader.


“You should be able to pay for purchases using your smartphone wherever “normal” (a.k.a card) contactless payments are available. However, there is a £30 limit per transaction - so if your total is above this amount, you’ll have to use the good old chip-and-PIN.”

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This is why I tend to shop at Waitrose or Sainsbury’s. :grimacing::iphone:

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Had nearly same problem at Lidl.
1 out of 6 self checkouts won’t accept Monzo contactless