Apple Pay declines

Anyone else had issues with Apple Pay?

My first attempt was rejected by the terminal with a “refer to payment device”, while my device was saying “card unavailable, please try again in a few moments”. Paying the same transaction (it wasn’t a decline, the terminal was waiting for another attempt) with the Hot Coral worked just fine.

15 minutes later I go again (same merchant, same terminal), this time my device says everything is OK but after tapping it I get an instant offline decline - no specific reason printed on the receipt.

In both cases the terminal was online as using the plastic gave me a notification in the app instantly.

Could it be that the terminal cached the first failure and rejected the second attempt without even trying?

Anyone has any ideas what’s going wrong? I have access to the terminal if anyone needs more information.


Yep, I’ve been experiencing the same issue.


I feel like this issue where it declines may be one of the reasons why Monzo were hesitant on rushing out with releasing Apple pay… it would be nice to know the reason behind this if it is backend related…

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There are two terminals in my client’s office cafe that decline Apple Pay transactions (no error appears in Monzo). Another terminal in the cafe works consistently with Apple Pay.

Contactless plastic works on all terminals all the time.

I remember trying Starling in the cafe and having similar issues - I thought the problem was with Starling but perhaps it’s not.

The cafe is called Artizian

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Yeah I tried to use it online, it kept failing!

I’m just glad the Apple Pay saga isn’t over yet! :rofl:


Using the same Apple Pay device as before, it’s now successfully processed a few transactions (at the bar :wine_glass:).

Not sure what’s going on there.

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Used it in a number of locations so far. Yet to have any issues :man_shrugging:t3:


Yeah I had this issue in Starbucks yesterday.

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Fortunately, I only experienced this the first day of apple pay releasing - I’ve thankfully not had any problems since.

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I actually gave Apple Pay a try today and have to admit it is pretty cool not having to get my wallet out! No issues for me so far in my trials.

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It is, isn’t it! Welcome to the 21st century monzo! I’m so glad you made it! :rofl:

Until you need to go to the cash machine :eyes:


@anon72173902 I Literally has this exact issue today, I was at digital festival 2018. The food section didn’t accept card and I’d left my wallet at home thinking a technology / IT event would take contactless :joy:. Fortunately I knew someone there and they lent me some cash that they took out of an ATM as they didn’t have any either.

Since Apple Pay I’ve used it however I always take my card to as today I went to the newsagent to get a drink, obv 50p isn’t worth putting through so cash machine it was.

Can’t wait for a proper NFC cash machine roll out.


Using it on Apple Watch & iPhone X – :monzo: Worked first time, every time : :hot_coral_heart::hot_coral_heart::hot_coral_heart:

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I’ve used it a few times and had a decline, no error in app, tried again and it worked fine.

I was having this issue before getting the latest IOS update. It’s been resolved after the update. FYI

For me, 60% of the time it works, every time.

I’m so pleased Monzo finally came to Apple Pay :heart_eyes: I’ve not had any problems other than in my work canteen… I can use Apple Pay with my other cards, but not for Monzo. I can however use the Hot Coral contactless and it works absolutely fine. Perhaps it’s a back end issue with the card reader or provider? :thinking:

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