Auth Questions/Delayed Processing

So twice over the weekend, I had transactions decline that I’ve then been charged for the next day.

1 - I tapped my card (not my watch/iPhone, like I’m from the 90s) I got a buzz on my watch but just thought it was the confirmation. It wasn’t until I checked my phone next that I realised I had the “You’ve hit your contactless limit, please enter your pin” message. Woo! Free food! The next day I got the notification that I was charged.

2 - I used ApplePay this time, but used the wrong card. Declined! Again, didn’t notice from the notifications. Then this morning I’ve been charged.

Both times the person using the machine didn’t say anything and then proceeded to give me my food and drinks afterwards, so wasn’t like I’d started walking off and they didn’t have the chance to catch me.

I’m not worried about the fraud aspect or reporting it as such, I had these items and I tried/intended to pay for them and if they’d have said, would have fixed it at the time. I’m just curious to learn more about how this works.

Have they just printed a declined/failed receipt and then typed my digits in manually the next day?

Looks to be they’ve attempted the payment again and been successful the second time around.

Personally wouldn’t worry about it.

I’m not worried, I know it was me that spent the money and I should pay for goods I’ve received.

But they will have served thousands of people after me, just wondering how they’ve done it and if they should.

Maybe at the end of the day they ran a report, saw this was a declined transaction, and the merchant receipt had the card details on?

Don’t actually know if merchant receipt shows CVV/expiry and if it’s possible to run a transaction without one or the other these days


I think i’ve seen this before and a staff mmeber said that it happens but they aren’t supposed to do it.

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I recall discussing a similar case recently and I’m sure it was something to do with how they send the request through the payment system and have to prove you owe it to them.

Payments isn’t my strongest skill though tbh :joy:

Has it come through as pending or settled?

If it’s the latter, most likely although it said declined on Monzo, they registered it as successful and then you just got a presentment through. Happens occasionally.

They both say settled now

I’ve had this, typically on airliners at 30,000 in the air etc.

You buy something, it goes down as pending, and then when the machine connects back into wifi etc later in the day, cha-ching